Education Should Encompass Vocation

With Values

The write in the morning’s newspaper made me shudder-

“First year student commits suicide unable to cope with college studies…” 
Paradoxical to her name which meant courage, where did all the daring to face life go? The trouble the farmer father had taken to send this eldest daughter to enable her become an engineer may not be explained in words. He had taken a bank loan and had sent her to the University after a lot of struggle.

How the family’s world would have come crashing! Apparently, this girl had been close to a third year student who had committed suicide a few weeks ago.

While this is the situation on one side, on the other side, a teacher was murdered for being strict, yet another Professor was killed for preventing a student from copying, yet another institution, teachers erred by permitting students to copy in the board examination!

Several thoughts come racing - What generation of unstable minds are we breeding? How to influence the youth in a positive manner, counsel them from time to time, enable them to face cut throat completion and emerge successful? Who is to shoulder the blame-Parents, Teachers, Society, Individual?

The impact of the television and the internet have emboldened the youth to resort to all kinds of extreme steps-no win situation for them and the social order as a whole. Among the several pressures that a child of today faces, the most common are parental pressure, school and teachers’ expectations from children, peer pressure and influence, societal expectations.

Pressure from parents commences at birth, continues through life - the toddler years pass off in no time, the anxiety to get admission into a school of repute, the financial constraints and the preparation for entry into such schools. Schools contribute by expecting the best from the child- earn laurels for the school in various fields, to facilitate the marketability of the institution.

Commencing in the formative years, the pressure to compete with other gifted peers and be on top is induced directly or indirectly by the parents and the Society in general. The child is bombarded with commands, stunting growth while tender, repercussions following by middle age.

An alarmist predicting dooms day! Not intending so.

Culture and education have co existed since ancient times, created towering personalities in the past who glorified the Indian scene, their presence and teachings acknowledged in the materialistic Western World. Increasing emulation of the materialistic tendencies of the Western world has brought about the degeneration of values. Cut throat competition and corruption has crept into the education system too.

The summum bonnum of education is not excellent marks to secure a profitable career, but, be broad based enough to facilitate the all round development of an individual with three Cs-character, conduct, culture. As the cliché, Charity begins at home, Character building commences at home, continues at school and remains for life in the social realm. 

More By  :  Hema Ravi

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