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Anushree Pal
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It's 11.56pm in my watch. I am wide awake with nothing to do (not actually nothing to do, but not in a mood to do things that i am supposed). So i thought to write a blog and share an interesting incidence!

day- 10th November

year- 2007

time- mid noon

occasion- my friend Rashi's birthday.

suspense factor- I along with many of my friends were bunking school to have a birthday bash.

secret- my parents didn't know about my plans.

theme- I went to school. It was founder's week that time ( it is a time of a week given to all students to prepare for school's annual day. all classes are dismantled and we are allowed to leave and enter the school premises anytime for ease of work.
p.s- it becomes a college for a week)

so that day i had no problem moving out of school. and in a way it was not actually bunking cause as it is classes were at halt and even at school people were busy having fun.

scene 1- i moved out Rashi picked me up and took me to her place. There i changed from school uniform to casuals.
few more friends came by and in some time we all were ready to scoot to nearby mall. 'pizza hut'
i sat with Garima (another friend) on pillion of her scooty..ready to start the adventure.

scene 2- as we were driving down a fly over.. we collided with a bike (of an unknown person in his mid forties, driving at the wrong side!).. the vehicle skid.. Tyre screeched .. she tried a lot to balance but could not and she fell with the vehicle falling on her right foot tearing apart her shoe (brand new ones) and I fell about a meter away.. shocked and taken aback by the sudden event of accident (not that major thankfully ). as soon as i was able to open my eyes i saw 'THE THING'

scene 3- we were crowded by a dozen of people who came to help us. but that's not what bothered me. what pinched me more was that the accident took place right in front of my mom's office!!
p.s- i am a true muma's girl and never want to portray myself involved into bunking or any such activity, moreover mom did not know a bit about my plans!! i was panicked of 'what if she comes to know??'
the mall was just next to mom's office ( both good luck and bad luck)

scene 4- as soon as i realized where i was i stood up and started running towards the mall.
people thought i went crazy or probably the accident had caused some mental imbalance because of which right after facing an accident i got up and started running.
i could hear people saying things like-
'ma'am where are you running??
ma'am watch out!! it's a road!!
madam whats wrong??
lady your friend needs help!!
even Garima called out - ' Anushree wait, at least lift me up, i am stuck beneath this heavy vehicle'
'anushree hey.. where are you running?? what the hell'

but for that moment i was deaf.
after i reached the venue i felt a bit relaxed. and then i observed that i was hurt and injured at many places. my fingers and elbow were bleeding. my knee and shoulder was scratched and was in bad shape'

the end- soon i was joined by Garima!! fierce eyed and angry but in no better condition!! bleeding and injured. we got the mini first aid kit from her scooty and washed and bandaged the cuts in the loo.
we saw each other in the mirror and burst into laughter
no matter how bad the accident was
no matter how much we were hurt
no matter how much blood drained out of our veins
that moment was splendid and adventurous
we laughed about my stupid reaction and her new attire and shoe that lost their charm the very first day they were wore !!!

and we still laugh our lungs out whenever we remember that moment.

Dear Garima, Rashi and all those who were present there that day-
thanks for those amazingly awesome moments.

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Comment  wow.. well first  it's a true story and second i never thought it could be an inspiration. thanks so much for your review :)

09-May-2012 10:58 AM

Comment its a nice story.......great inspiration i got to have fun...

gaurav sharma
09-May-2012 03:08 AM

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