Demography of India is changing fast and it is fastest in southern states, especially Kerala. Some sections have correctly identified the potential of capturing power democratically by altering the demographic structure of the nation. They have developed a multi-pronged approach to overtake the unorganized majority within a very short span of time. The majority belonging to Hindu Sanatana Dharma (HSD) is anyway unorganized and history has repeatedly proven that those who follow this faith will remain unorganized forever. HSD is intrinsically individualistic, secular and incapable being organized. Perhaps this is the only faith that does not promise a mass transit system to Heaven.

The predatory religious faiths, which are essentially outshoots of foreign imperialism in India, have decided to utilize this unique situation to capture power through elections. The first step in that direction is to increase their numbers, in parallel with several initiatives to divide the HSD community by all means. Forced and lured religious conversion is going on unabated for the last one century in India. It has only become much more systematic and organized in independent India. The annual budget of this industry for the two predatory faiths put together is definitely more than a few thousand billions of dollars. Prosperous West and Oil Rich Arabs are the two prime movers in this industry.

The parallel route is by clever unrestricted reproduction. After the bloody religious partitioning of Indian subcontinent, followers of HSD (the obvious inheritors of Indian nation) felt cosy and willfully decided to practice the so-called family planning policies in the interests of their new nation. What can be a better opportunity for the predatory faiths than to see their main target dozing? Detailed plans were set in place and now the annual growth rate of minority population in India is almost double that of the majority. The two have already crossed the half-way mark in Kerala in terms of population and the social, economic and political power has already crossed over to the combined two.

The only option in front of HSD followers in Kerala is to throw away their family planning mania and beat the predators in their own game. Younger generations of HSD followers must opt for at least three children. Three is good company and any reluctance on their part to adopt this vital strategy will be at their own peril. All the HSD community organizations must make this beckon call immediately, failing which Kerala Pandits will become a reality in a couple of decades. Remember that no displaced community has ever been fully resettled in any part of the world at any time in history.           

The choice is yours – Produce More and Survive OR Have Less and Perish.

More By  :  J. Ajithkumar

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