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How To Change Your Old Habits
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It's common to hear the phrase, "We are creatures of habit." The word creature is derived from the word "Create." Yes, we do create through our words, actions, feelings, mind, memories and habits. We create stress or success, havoc or happiness. We can create a job, a business, a relationship, a drug habit, a spending habit. We can create love, music, a book, a new building or new invention.

A good analogy of understanding our habits is the computer. Your mind is more powerful than a computer. Your mind can store more information than a computer, your mind accepts the "INPUTS". You allow messages into your mind from parents, teachers, friends, TV, movies, magazines, lovers, husband, wife, books, co-workers, childhood memories, positive and negative experiences.This is your data on your floppy disk. Your internal program determines your perception, self-esteem and subsequently your behavior.

When someone or some circumstance pushes your emotional button, your response or feelings show up on your "SCREEN OF LIFE." What comes on the screen is determined by the input, data ( your subconscious and your conscious mind). If the input is dominantly positive, your life will project this. If your input is dominantly negative, y our life will project that.

If you desire to change the "PROGRAM" of your life, know that you are the "PROGRAMMER." First you have to unlearn before you learn new ways. Self-observation and self-correction are the key. Be committed to the process of positive change in your life. You are a creature of habit. Observe which old habits are controlling your life. You can break the old habits. You are the programmer.

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