Causes of increased LDL cholesterol or bad cholest

Dr. Krishna R.S
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Increased level of LDL (Low Density Lipoprotein or bad cholesterol) cholesterol can lead to heart diseases and stroke. Here is the list of causes which increase the blood cholesterol level.

Foods which increase blood cholesterol

  • 1. Processed meat like bacon, sausages, ham burgers
  • 2. Red meat covered with layers of fat, liver ,
  • 3. Egg yolk
  • 4. Full fat milk, cheese,
  • 5. Fast foods – pizzas, cake, pastries, doughnuts etc
  • 6. Soft drinks, refined sugar,
  • 7. Sweets,
  • 8. Deep fried foods.
  • 9. Oils and fats which contain saturated fats.

    Lifestyles which increase the blood cholesterol level:

  • 1. Sedentary lifestyle. (lack of exercise)
  • 2. Smoking
  • 3. Increased stress.

    Health conditions which increase the risk of elevated blood cholesterol

  • 1. Diabetes
  • 2. Obesity
  • 3. Hypothyroidism
  • 4. Kidney diseases.

    Other factors:

  • 1. Age : Cholesterol naturally begins to raise after the age of 20
  • 2. Gender: women who are approaching menopause
  • 3. Hereditary: Elevated blood cholesterol may run in family.

    Increased blood cholesterol is a “silent” condition which has no symptoms. Probable symptoms are chest pain, pain in calves and increased blood pressure. Studies have shown that erectile dysfunction may be a warning sign for increased blood cholesterol.

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