Spectacular Girls

I am surprised that the girls are always a special craze in all the areas like arts, commerce, music, dance, painting, acting etc. I guess God created only the persons who looks after the world and at the same time helps every human being irrespective of caste, creed, religion and sex.
Unfortunately, many rogues are trying to disturb the identity of the girls mentally, socially, physically and economically. Its quite pathetic that girls are facing many problems in the Indian society.

Born with an interesting family but simultaneously being harassed by the devilish society. That may take place only with the carelessness of the man in the society. I am not blaming the entire male group but would like to mention only only some fools who are behaving very rashly.

The major problems faced by girls are sexual  harassment, dowry system, supression, male domination, lack of proper motivation, individuality-less attitude etc.

They are the creators of the world but none come forward to look after them. I guess God must come and rescue girls. Please, do not depress or supress girls, They are like a beautiful flower and always longs to get loved.

I beg you to please help poor girls and motivate them towards success. I dedicate this blog to all the girls. 

More By  :  Berisetty Sree Lakshmi

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