Bangladeshi Indian Bhai Bhai

In popular perception people from Bangladesh coming over to India is a problem for India.

I would like to ask all this people, how people from Bangladesh can be a problem for India?

I think these people say such things without understanding the issues. Tell me if an Indian can settle in Canada, Africa, USA why a Bangladeshi can not settle in India?

People looking for fortune only migrate. That is quite legitimate. An Indian eagerly waits for Green Card in USA. Why a Bangladeshi can not have a similar facility in India?

Actually gullible people are fed by our media are fed with trash. Journalism has not ennobled itself in India. It has degenerated itself. People without historical perspective, social and political understanding rouse ordinary people's feelings for certain ulterior motives.

Indians and Bangladeshis should freely go to each other's countries without any 'rok-tok'. The virus of Hindu-Muslim divide should be countrolled by tamiflu of social and religious acceptence/ tolerance and positive activism.

On the day of Id, this is my message to Indians and Bangladeshis. Let us dream of a Brihat Bharat comprising, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Myanmar, India and Afganistan. Let the Political leadeship be local but let us unite under SAARC in all other matters.

More By  :  Sharbaaniranjan Kundu

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