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Acceptance implies that there is an entity who accepts, does it not? And is not this acceptance also a form of effort in order to gain, to experience further?

The mind is not quiet when it is acquiring or becoming. All acquisition is conflict. Every acquisition is a form of boredom, weariness. We want a change of toys; as soon as we lose interest in one, we turn to another.

Does not acquisition dull the mind? Acquisition, positive or negative, is a burden. As soon as you acquire, you lose interest.

Action is always in the present, and is therefore immediately. Any action which is not comprehensive, total, must inevitably lead to sorrow.

There is only total human action, not political action, religious action, or Indian action.

Action based on authority is no action at all; it is mere imitation, repetition.

Unified or integrated action cannot take place as long as there's conflict between opposing parts of the mind. It is strange how we are never alone, never strictly alone.

We are always with something, with a problem, with a book, with a person; and when we are alone, our thoughts are with us. To be alone, in the highest sense, is essential.

Isolation can never give birth to aloneness; the one has to cease for the other to be. Aloneness is indivisible and loneliness is separation. To the alone, life is eternal; to the alone there is no death. One is alone, like the fire, like the flower, but one is not aware of its purity and of its immensity. One can truly communicate only when there is aloneness. There is an aloneness which is not this loneliness, this sense of isolation. That state of aloneness is not a remembrance or a recognition; it is untouched by the mind, by the word, by society, by tradition. It is a benediction.

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