En’Gulf’ing Kerala

The recently concluded investor meet by name “Emerging Kerala” has shown in very clear terms the destiny of Kerala. The fact that it was inaugurated by no less than the Prime Minister of India and the determined presence of Deputy Chairman of Planning Commission during its deliberations clearly indicates the way a comparatively less developed state like Kerala is going to emerge. Almost all the projects presented during the meet have an NRI content and most of them are based in the Gulf. This is only natural given the fact that a vast majority of NRIs from Kerala are based in the Middle East. But what is worrisome is the hidden agenda involved in all the projects under proposal, namely the allotment of land on free basis or on lease for long periods.
Ruling dispensations in Kerala are really under the combined might of organized minority sections and the role of politicians and interests representing the unorganized majority is getting marginalized every day. This is reflected even in the number of ministers from the majority community in the cabinet. The free allocation of highly priced land in Kerala assumes great importance in this context. Most of the entrepreneurs from the Gulf represent certain ‘clear’ interests and vast tracts of prime properties are getting allotted by the powers who do not reflect the majority interests. For those who have been following the events, the signs and symbols during the event which signal the interests of organized sections in Kerala are very obvious. It is indeed a God’s Own Country, but the question of “Which God?” is assuming great significance.
Another ominous sign that has great significance is the overwhelming importance for industry over agriculture in a predominantly agricultural society. One of the powerful people even went to the extent of suggesting that Kerala need not try to be self-sufficient in food, because the nation is already self-sufficient. This lopsided development philosophy has already ruined many states in the country and it is bound to have serious repercussions in pre-dominantly agrarian society like in Kerala. Everyone knows why Kerala is called the God’s Own Country? It is because of its lush green landscape which is only possible because of Nature’s bountiful blessings. Already overloaded with the highest density of population in the country, Kerala does not have any real estate other than for domicile, agriculture and forests. Perhaps those who are conspiring against this arrangement do not want to control their population, but convert Kerala into an industrial society for their future generations to rule over as Devil’s Own Country.

More By  :  J. Ajithkumar

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