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Candidiasis or thrush is a fungal infection (mycosis) of any of the Candida species (all yeasts), of which Candida albicans is the most common. Also commonly referred to as a yeast infection, candidiasis is also technically known as candidosis, moniliasis, and oidiomycosis.

Candidiasis encompasses infections that range from superficial, such as oral thrush and vaginitis, to systemic and potentially life-threatening diseases. Candida infections of the latter category are also referred to as candidemia and are usually confined to severely immunocompromised persons, such as cancer, transplant, and AIDS patients, as well as nontrauma emergency surgery patients.

Superficial infections of skin and mucosal membranes by Candida causing local inflammation and discomfort are common in many human populations. While clearly attributable to the presence of the opportunistic pathogens of the genus Candida, candidiasis describes a number of different disease syndromes that often differ in their causes and outcome.

As Per Ayurveda:

Candida overgrowth starts in the digestive tract causing a variety of symptoms which will depend on constitution. If it is left untreated, it can enter the blood and lodge itself in various organs. Candida overgrowth is an Ama (Ama is a generic term in Ayurveda that means internal toxins produced by improper metabolic functioning) condition and while it can happen to any of the constitutions, Kapha (phlegmatic) types tend to suffer the most due to their inherent low metabolism and damp nature.

These are the main causative factors:

  • Excess sugar consumption
  • Excess use of stimulants and drugs
  • Excess use of antibiotics
  • Depressed immunity, frequent colds, flu’s of yeast infections
  • Hypersensitivity
  • Emotional factors such as worry and fear
  • A generally toxic environment
Ayurvedic Candida Treatment: 

The Ayurvedic treatment is similar to that of parasites, and includes the following components:
  • Balance the Agni (digestive enzyme functioning) through the use of digestive spices according to constitution in conjunction with general nutritional guidelines.
  • Increase Ojas (immunity) with immunity increasing herbs (Rasayanas) supported by appropriate lifestyle and exercise regimes according to your constitution.
  • Eradicate the pathogen (in this case, the Candida). Special anti-fungal and anti-parasitical herbs are used along with an anti-Candida diet.
Attempting to remove the Candida by following a strict reducing diet, and perhaps taking some anti-fungal and anti-parasitical herbs is likely not to succeed since it fails to address the root of the problem, the digestive and immune weakness. Hence the above protocol emphasises the regulation of the Agni (digestive fire) and the restoration of immunity.

Anti-Candida Diet:

The more serious your Candida infection, the sooner you should follow an Ama-reducing (detoxifying) diet adjusted to your constitution. This needs to be designed specifically for you, and cannot be explained here. If you cannot seek professional guidance, then you can at least cut down on damp, heavy, mucus forming foods such as peanuts, dairy, bread, sugar, fruit, raw foods, cold and iced foods, fatty foods and fermented and yeast products, since these all increase Kapha and Ama. Your diet should be based on whole foods with the total elimination of refined and processed foods. Foods that are helpful are garlic (3-5 cloves a day, as it destroys the yeast and enkindles Agni), millet (a light, drying and heating grain), and hot and anti-parasitical spices like cayenne, asafoetida, prickly ash.

Some people suggest that fresh fruits, and honey can be tolerated. Our experience is that it depends on the individual. So we usually suggest that people first cut our concentrated sugars, including a sweeteners, but leave some fruit in the diet. When you do take ‘offending’ foods, especially dairy and sugars, take them with spices like cardamom and cinnamon, as they help to digest sugars and mucus forming foods.


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