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Boloji: Need for Locking the Content
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Dear All,

Those who have been associated with Boloji for a long time are aware that I have endeavored to publish quality content on the site.

From September 1999 until October 2010, all the content on the site was in the form of manually made individual static pages, hence total control rested with us in what was being published. However, since October 2010 when we changed the site interface into a data driven site, the following happened:

- The number of contributing writers increased
- The quantity of the content being published increased dramatically
- The contributing writers also were given a larger control as they could delete a page, modify their old pages using edit feature or enhance their existing pages by adding images etc.

However, lately it was noticed that because I did not approve certain content, the related writers either simply went ahead to delete their pages or out of frustration, perhaps, even edited their older pages by adding objectionable content.

While I do not mind someone expressing frustration to me via email exchange and in the process entering into a dialogue which is healthy and mutually beneficial, I strongly object to creative people in their weak moments resorting to unethical means that go against the image of Boloji as a platform that gives space to voice freedom of expression.

While freedom of expression qualifies as a right, I personally believe that with every right there is also a corresponding duty.

In order to not only maintain the dignified image of Boloji, but also to ensure that our large group of contributing writers’ work also commands its well-deserved respect, we have initiated the process of “locking” all content on the site which has been published on the site for over one month.  I strongly believe that one month time from the date of submission vis-à-vis publication is sufficient for the writers to be able to double check their work and carry out any desired modifications /enhancements.

Resultantly with the bulk of the content locked, as editorial / web publishing team, we can monitor the recent content more vigilantly and ensure that nothing wrong appears on the site.

If any of our contributing writers for any reason may at any time desire to delete a specific page or may feel the need to edit a specific page, please feel free to email directly to me at  I will personally look into it expeditiously even if it means extra work for me.

I hope all our writers will understand the situation and agree with my stance.

Thank you

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Comment what you have expressed is remarkably apt and good.

11/12/2012 12:27 PM

Comment While I do agree with your rationale for blocking changes.. I think poets should be allowed to delete or unpublish their work. Sometimes it is a pre-condition when one seeks to publish a poem elsewhere it should not appear on any site.I would appreciate your giving some thought to this suggestion and implementing it.

11/06/2012 03:38 AM

Comment This is a great idea and I'll tell you why it makes me happy. For a while I've been worried that somebody might hack into my account and delete a bunch of my poems. Twenty-two of my poems have received Editor's choice and I sure don't want to lose them. And I know that people can hack into other people's accounts because last year somebody hacked into my Craigslist account. Maybe locking the content will prevent people from hacking.

10/28/2012 16:27 PM

Comment Sir, I totally agree with you. rajot

rajot n pal
10/28/2012 04:55 AM

Comment Rajendra ji I agree with your descision.

10/21/2012 06:49 AM

Comment Sir, as I call myself a creative person I know I should not add objectionable content to my creations. You can rest assured that I will not leave the site nor will I put up such content. I have not been able to log in for a long time due to personal activities, but from now on I can regularly log in and participate actively. But I completely support your move. I would like it though if I would be let to edit my contents because I often feel like changing the contents of my writings,but I will not put up anything unethical or offensive.

Saheli Ray
10/19/2012 09:33 AM

Comment I have made Boloji my permanent home, dear Rajenderji. Rest assured I shall neither leave nor desecrate it.

10/19/2012 05:47 AM

Comment It seems to be the right decision and thank you for informing.

10/18/2012 09:35 AM

Comment Dear Rajender ji, do we have to wait for a month for our poem/article to be published on the site. I feel you should take out the editing facility by the contributor altogether, and publish the submitted material early, or else we may lose interest to post on I have posted a poem a few days back and another two days back. Is the waiting period a month? Best regards, Mallick

Kumarendra Mallick
10/18/2012 07:13 AM

Comment In full agreement with you. The copyright remains with the author, but once it has been published he cannot "withdraw" it. Of course he can republish it elsewhere with the concurrence of the first publishers.

pradip bhattacharya
10/18/2012 02:58 AM

Comment I fully agree with you. Freedom of expression has the limitation and one should not misuse FREEDOM of expression to damage in his or own image or the site or the facilities that we are using.

10/17/2012 09:41 AM

Comment Entirely with you and the others in this decision.

10/17/2012 04:15 AM

Comment I fully agree with you. Once an article/blog is submitted, there should be no scope for editing the same. The author may add his comments later if required via the facility of Comment, at the bottom. Even otherwise it is the Editors choice to publish or to reject an article/blog or a part thereof which may be harmful to readers/cause an embarrassment. Please go ahead bhayi. All the best.

VK Joshi
10/17/2012 03:57 AM

Comment The Editor's prerogative and the sanctity of an intellectual yajna like Boloji pages have to be repected. " My freedom ends where your nose begins" applies to the freedom of expression as well. Please go ahead with the decision to lock the content. Best wishes

Vidur Jyoti
10/17/2012 00:59 AM

Comment In full agreement.

mahesh dewedy
10/16/2012 21:53 PM

Comment Well. The arrangement is fine. Please go ahead. We are with you.

Raja Mutthirulandi
10/16/2012 20:41 PM

Comment To whom it may concern: As a long time associate of Rajenderji and a contributor myself, I have always been appreciative of his selfless effort and a mighty successful venture of LOVE that created and sustained this SITE which itself must have taken a lot of Raju_bhai's time and other resources. I fully respect and support his decision. It is nothing unusual and the only thing I am a bit surprised of is that Rajender bhai who is a very creative individual with outlandishly and outstanding energy level and dedication was not a PIONEER in this matter! :-) In fact such content locking and REVIEW-PROCESS is AGE-OLD. ALL and SUNDRY magazines and journals etc have ALWAYS exercised this! My unconditional support for Rajender_ji's WISE decision! Rohiniranjan

10/16/2012 20:13 PM

Comment We appreciate and support your decision,sir.It is done in the best interest of all the concerned.Regards.

T.S.Chandra Mouli
10/16/2012 19:33 PM

Comment I fully agree with the proposal and strongly feel that should strive hard to maintain its quality.

Prof. R.N.Mishra
10/16/2012 12:13 PM

Comment This is indeed a good thing you have done. Yes , the Editor should protect the sanity and the good nam e of the page. Thanks for the trouble that you take to keep the page unimpaired. If possible bring out a printed version of the portal.

Dr.Ratan Bhattacharjee
10/16/2012 11:40 AM

Comment Fully agreed. BTW, I wonder who was/were the writers to indulge in such a crap?

Uddipan Mukherjee
10/16/2012 08:49 AM

Comment Raj ji, I absolutely endorse your current move. Please see my poem "Freedom of Expression" dated 28 September, 2012. Freedom of expression is not without self-discipline and responsibility. With no intention to hurt any writer, I would like to add with my reasonable understanding of things, I sometimes come across 'contents' simply unable to comprehend what the writer had in mind or what he/she is conveying through it.

10/16/2012 07:59 AM

Comment Dear RK You have done a right and appropriate thing at the opportune time. I have come across that indecent experience in the case of one or two sending dirty mails and in the other case soliciting business relationship both i don't wish as a poet.

R Purushothamarao
10/16/2012 07:16 AM

Comment It is the prerogative of the editor to decide if contents are objectionable. Moreover, indecent meddling with pages in your website that is accessed by all, minors included, is not an expression of freedom of speech but is done with malicious intent. You not only have the right to stop it but you also should ban such writers from any future publications. Though I have not come across such insertions by authors, I hope it is done only by the authors and not by a third party hacking into the system in order to discredit you and the writers.

Neria Harish Hebbar MD
10/16/2012 07:16 AM

Comment You have taken the right decision. I absolutely support this decision.

10/16/2012 06:28 AM

Comment Yes Sir it is definitely a wise decision on your part. Regards. Dr. Frank S.K. Barar, Jodhpur

Dr. Frank S.K. Barar
10/16/2012 04:01 AM

Comment Pls go ahead. I agree.

10/16/2012 03:46 AM

Comment Yes, this the right decision and I agree with it.

Nikhlesh Mathur
10/16/2012 03:42 AM

Comment Rajendra Krishenji, absolutely agree in your concern in the matter. Best Regards.

Sandeep Sen
10/16/2012 03:04 AM

Comment I totally agree.

Jennifer Marie Bayer
10/16/2012 02:37 AM

Comment I think you are doing the right thing. I have one question, that is, is it possible to take printout of the poems alraedy locked for the purpose of publish an antholgy or contributing to some collection of poems? Thank you.

Kumarendra Mallick
10/16/2012 02:24 AM

Comment I entirely agree with you Rajendra ji. In fact, it has been my experience that whenever I have wanted a page to be deleted/hid, I have requested you and it has been done. In all good faith, I think we should be grateful to for giving us a forum to express ourselves, than actually going ahead creating problems, for the site. Freedom of expression is a good thing to believe in, but let us not forget, my freedom of expression ends where the other person's nose begins. If this cannot be respected, then, I needs to go it alone and not be in a public forum. There is a decorum to be maintained in the latter. Regards, Julia Dutta

Julia Dutta
10/16/2012 02:10 AM

Comment i support the move

v sankaran nair
10/16/2012 01:05 AM

Comment Agree completely! Please go ahead!

10/16/2012 00:18 AM

Comment I appreciate the decision taken by you in the larger ethical interests of the freedom of expression. It is quite unfortunate that the writers/contributors on boloji have been treating their liberty as a licence. Of course we have to be conscience in the use of our rights and duties so that we don't degrade or disgrace ourselves. I earnestly share your concerns. Your scrupulous approach and conscientious attitude deserve a pat and I am sure that the boloji writers/contributors will understand their professional, personal and ethical obligations to enlightened humanity. Congrats, Rajinderji! Regards, Sincerely, Prof. RKBhushan

Prof. RKBhushan
10/15/2012 23:57 PM

Comment Totally agree with your conscientious decision, which is beyond petty personal interests; and is for the larger welfare of mankind. It is great that we are in association. Best wishes.

10/15/2012 23:48 PM

Comment I whole-heartedly agree with Rajenderji in this matter. Some kind of edit control is important for such a lovely, lively and vibrant site like Boloji that has gained global attention due to its pluralistic quality control. Boloji has made us do the talking with fellow writers. Thanks a lot for your noble efforts in this direction. The Poetry Section is sheer delight for all of us.

sunil sharma
10/15/2012 23:41 PM

Comment You have taken a correct decision. I like it.

kamal joshi
10/15/2012 23:32 PM

Comment Your stance and arguments are absolutely acceptable. I personally feel whenever a writer sends a material for publication in boloji, they should think about the credentials of the site which provides immense freedom and at the same time trying to maintain the dignity of the site. Therefore, it is better for the writer to think and analyze before submitting the article. It is also very nice of RK to make any modifications if needed by the writer. There can never be a better deal.

G Swaminathan
10/15/2012 23:28 PM

Comment I think this is a wise decision, thoug the the demand on your time will go up. I personally think there should be a few more additions, but it's best that I don't bring them up. The site has developed quite well and the editor can surely take care of problems that affect the majority of contributors. My views represent minority concern and need not be discussed. Besides I am not sure that, even if they are accommodated, they will necessarily add value.

Dipankar Dasgupta
10/15/2012 23:14 PM

Comment Agreed completely, even when we are blogging there have to be some ground rules and you as the editor have the rights to that not us as writers so I support the move

Col. Rahul K. Bhonsle
10/15/2012 22:41 PM

Comment You are absolutely right! Go ahead!

Pavalamani Pragasam
10/15/2012 22:33 PM

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