Windows 8 Review:

good and bad bits from an actual user

In continuation to my first experience with Windows 8 blogged at:

Did some more playing around with Windows 8 Professional along with Micrsoft Office 2013 Professional (full
to-be-launched version, not Beta or preview) this weekend. I managed to find keyboard shortcuts to by-pass the new Metro tiles GUI, which is just not to my liking (or working).

Some Good bits:
- Clubbing of file copying into single windows is a welcome change. Ability to pause is awesome!

- Wallpapers now cover multi monitors full screen. I have an HD laptop and Full-HD extended monitor. Win 8 allows me to have different wallpapers for each and in full screen. In Win 7 I always had full screen on laptop screen but the extended monitor had black border on all sides.

- ability to mount a CD/DVD image simply by right-clicking and choosing MOUNT. No more virtual CD mounting programs like Nero or Magic ISO.

- Soft typing in Office 2013 looks nice. You keep typing and it shows on screen is a smooth fashion as if revealing characters. Nice.

Irritating bits galore:

- Slide to log in and triple step shut down is definitely irritating, specially on a laptop with touchpad.

- Office 2013 without borders and lines looks blank and strains the eyes. Check out these screenshots and form your own opinion.

- No more XP mode or even Virtual PC. :(

- Apps suck big time. None of the apps is completely cooked or refined. This includes standard apps from Microsoft like Music, Contacts, Pictures, Mail, Calendar etc. Kiddish, incomplete and feature-less. For eg: no POP support in Mail.

- English (India) keyboard has same bug as French - You cant type single or double quotes without making them double, and then pressing backspace to delete one. - This is a BUG!
Also reported at:

- Contrary to review on the Internet, Windows 8 is NOT faster than Win 7. They may be comparing plain installation of Windows. Install all other usual apps - Winzip, Office, SQL Server, DAP, Synctoy, Visual Studio, Photoshop etc. and you are looking at speed similar to Win 7.

- Windows 8 "desktop applications" have no relation or concern with "Apps". This means MAIL or CONTACTS apps do not interact with Outlook. IE app is different from IE desktop version. Skype app is different from Skype application. Same with Photos, Media Player (music), videos etc. Pissed off, repented but understood.

- Still thinking how to update Windows. The other "Update" seemingly works only on apps and that too doesnt work. For if you open STORE, you would see apps that need update. Strange?!

- Though I have got used to the flatter-bright coloured window borders now, I sincerely miss the aero, glass and shadows of Win 7.

- Microsoft has left things confused between Metro-look and Desktop-look. Some Control Panel settings have old Win 7 look (desktop-look) and others like Wi-Fi have big, bold layout. Mish-mash.

- Finally, what extra have the new Apps given me that old Gadgets were not doing? In fact, they were smaller, better looking and did their job perfectly! Any apps for showing world clocks and currency converter?



 New additions after more tests:
- Google Chrome cannot be installed on Windows 8 as desktop application
- Most websites, specially HTML 5 do not work, including Yahoo Mail

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