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Outrageous Comments after the Delhi Rape
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There have been a very large number of outrageous comments after the unfortunate Delhi rape case. A number of public figures, persons of power, activists have come out with their remedies. Ban skirts, ban free movement of girls (not of the beasts), moral education, drawing the ‘Laxman Rekha’ all over again, and rape being an impact of receding Indian values.  Many have jeered the protesters. Many have asked as to what would be the price of a rape of a lady leader. Many have talked about marrying off girls at an early age. Someone came and explained the difference between male and female sexuality, meaning thereby that men were ‘more’ animals and less human beings.
One ‘Khap’ masochist came and said that there was no need to change laws in favor of women because they would be used to harm innocent men.  Bizarre explanations have flown like missiles from all directions.  Naturally enough, the other side could not have been left behind. An FIR has been lodged against a rap singer. Many have come out to speak against a half naked girl dancing with tons of men in popular item songs of films. Various advertisements have been objected to for ‘commodifying’ the female anatomy. The best from ‘our’ side has been that RSS workers put on Hitler styled knickers revealing their black, hairy legs and therefore they ought to be raped for exposing their bodies.
For a thinking mind, the question arises as to what to make of these outrageous comments from all sides. One can understand the crusader in the pro-women groups. There’s no point in understanding the masochistic mind-set. It’s there all over, all around us all the time, at all places.  But what we have to realize is that Indian man is what he is and he won’t change overnight. Girls will keep falling in love with the stuff available around them. All types of sex, legal, illegal, illicit, immoral, open, hidden - will continue. Fashion will continue; so will all Munnies and Sheelas, Jhandoos and Fevicols. Life will go on. Entertainment, propaganda, partying will most definitely go on. The reformer in us must understand the nature of life. It’s never black or white; it’s all about shades of grey. The very nature of human nature is not as clean as we would like it to be.

In such a scenario, only answer which comes to mind is proper enforcement of law. Changing mindset, changing collective thinking and the social psyche will take care of itself in due course of time.  Our focus ought to be pure and simple ‘quick enforcement of law’. The only way to deal with crimes against women is the speedy justice and exemplary punishment. This and this alone will drive the message home. In this context, laws must treat a juvenile of such heinous crimes in a graver manner. Juvenility cannot be a cover for crime. Chemical castration, life imprisonment and death sentence must be brought into picture for instilling fear in habitual as well as prospective criminals. We as a society must learn to respect our laws and that respect will only come when we feel the presence of law all around us. 

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Comment Ma'm, why can't we have legal provisions to hang the likes of Asaram? Children have died in his ashram. He has been disgraced completely. The authorities must immediately punish the sick minded godman. He has abused the nation's daughter. The victim is no one but our own daughters, sisters, mothers whom we have been crushing and brutalizing for centuries.

Bramha Swaroop
01/07/2013 10:45 AM

Comment A woman is raped simply because someone rapes her. This is the only reason. We're foolishly looking for reasons, trying to put the blame somewhere to soothe our minds.

01/06/2013 05:25 AM

Comment Ma'm, you're absolutely right. Salt cannot be taken away from the palate of life just because some men are perverse. Public figures should show maturity in making comments. Some of them make silly comments just in order to hog limellight. Today morning someone from fool's paradise has said that women should restrict themselves to household chores. The regressive mindset wants to take India back to 18th century. They'll finish the institution of marriage as girls would rather love to work than marry if forced to remain shut within the fourwalls of house. The aspirations and talent of today's Indian girl cannot be suffocated any longer.

01/06/2013 02:06 AM

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