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Perpetual question, how could we delay aging?   Every woman has a right to look beautiful always, Why not?  However, the age sneaks up on us.  It’s every woman’s heart desire to age gracefully.  Well, we could do that definitely if we love ourselves enough.  Taking care of your skin takes a lot of time and effort.  It is never too late to start.  I have heard this alibi numerous times, ‘I don’t have time’.  There are people, including me who work full time, take care of the home full time and yet take time out to workout.  The bottom line then boils down to loving yourself enough. 

As we age our body loses muscle mass with the result the skin starts to sag over time.  One can definitely build a muscular body at any age.  Our body builds muscles in response to strenuous activity.  More we exercise the stronger the muscles get.  Same thing applies to the facial muscles.  There are 43 muscles in your face and if one can properly stimulate and work the facial muscles, the skin can get firmer and more beautiful.  Popularly in the East, Yoga exercises do the trick.  However, they are difficult to perform and require proper training. 

A ten to fifteen minute daily facial could tone up the facial muscles.  Take a few drops of olive oil or vitamin E oil and massage the face while straining the muscles against your palm.  Make sure to massage in an upward motion.  The stronger you strain the better the exercise is being performed.  At the end of the session, you should feel your skin tingle.  If the exercise is being done properly, the results would start to appear as early as a week.  You must wash face with warm water after ten minutes so the pores don't get clogged.

Besides, one must exercise, eat healthy and drink a lot of water to have a good skin.

A pearl size drop of glycerin with equal amount of lemon juice could be applied and left on the face for 15/20 minutes before washing the face.  This makes the skin supple.  A pinch of turmeric powder could help reduce the age spots over time.  However, the turmeric leaves the skin tinted, therefore, one can wash skin with yogurt first and then soap.  Within days there would be remarkable change in the appearance of the skin.

P.S. younger people do not need a facial everyday.

More By  :  Meera Chowdhry

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