Yoga is a powerful interconnection between

  • individual consciousness and cosmic consciousness
  • individual soul and universal soul
  • a being; and God
  • the cores; of all the beings
  • aspirations of all the beings
  • the ‘cause’ of the universe and the universe
  • the ‘cause’ of the past, present and future; and rest of the time, space, energy, matter and consciousness
  • the contingent and the field
  • spirit (soul), intelligence, emotions, instincts and metabolic activities in different systems of body
  • holistic perspective, thinking, emotions, instincts and actions
  • cognition, affect and conation
  • spiritual, cognitive, affective, psychomotor and productive domains
  • holistic approach; and analytical, synthetic, reductionist and other approaches
  • holistic activities aimed at holistic health; in all the fields of life
  • two sides of brain
  • reason and intuition
  • cerebral cortex, limbic system, autonomic nervous system, neuroendocrine system, endocrine system and the metabolic activities
  • immortalizing ocean of ambrosia viz. Nama; and the process of Namasmaran going on in billions of individuals

This is only a frail attempt of its definition; as Yoga is beyond definition and description

More By  :  Dr. Shriniwas Kashalikar

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