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In an attempt to pursue my interests in watching bollywood movies, I have decided to give short comparisons between two movies randomly from my hard disk full of bollywood movies. The comparisons shall not include genre viewpoints and good, bad and ugly type classifications but from a different angle focussing on the science which I studied to get into JEE or, it may be reflecting certain situations from history. Let us continue with this.

1. Gangaajal      
2. Singham

1. The film revolves around Superintendent of Police (SP) of Tejpur- Mr. Amit Kumar , the role played by Ajay Devgan who deals with local goons like Sadhu Yadav and his son Sundar Yadav. He kills them in the end.
2. The film revolves around an honest police officer Bajirao Singham not so powerful like SP in terms of its responsibilities as is fed in its position in hierarchy level of Indian police department. However, in the end he too kills the notorious minister, Jaikant. He was declared to have committed suicide by the police department.

Today, we have to think them in terms of westernization and globalisation we are heading to. Can we say that before India gained independence, globalisation to need a kick start, dikus, as we term the outsiders, in our case they were britishers, used liberalisation of economy for trading in India as the main tool to esatblish their foot in India. So, liberalisation would be SP Amit Kumar of Gangaajal who was a leader and the most important initiative by english people. Now guess, who could be Bajirao Singham? He was not equally strong but yes definitely confident, strong enough to grill the villain as seen in movie. I will tell you. It was offering Diwani of Bengal to english, which allowed them to play with the indian revenue. Cohort section of scoiety suffered due to this. But both killed the freedom of India.

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Comment I think u need to improve further....but i liked the comparison

Pawan kumar Singh
01/17/2013 23:55 PM

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