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Coping With Pressures In Life
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We are spiritual beings having a human experience as a man or woman with different backgrounds. Our family background, environment, and past results shape our ability to cope and overcome misfortunes. Grief, adversity and unwelcome changes are the 'polishing' factors in our human development that can either make us stronger or weaker, better or bitter, positive or negative, victorious or victimitized.

Just as the diamond's beauty and strength emerges from friction, cutting and polishing, we too can emerge from a layoff, illness, slow business, relationship problems, financial problems...stronger and wiser than before.

Maturing from pain teaches us that our setbacks, disappointments and seeming obstacles can be perceived as blessings and/or lessons. If one resists, complains and perpetuates their pain, they perceive themselves as helpless and powerless victims. A person who is spiritually grounded, surrounded with loving relationships, goal oriented and lives in a nurturing environment is more likely to cope with stress in a positive way.

When things are not working for you run to food, drugs, TV, over sleep, alcohol, over buying things, gossiping, fighting/hurting others and other self destructive behaviors? These are negative coping mechanisms which are 'temporary pain relievers' that can only lead to disaster  and defeat.

Positive alternatives for coping with stress can physical exercise; mediation/prayer; a long hot shower; writing in your journal; change of daily routine; reading or music; fasting; let go of toxic relationships; seeking counsel and /or support group.

Learn how to become decisive and take action instead of being overwhelmed with fear or anxiety. Fear freezes you. Action will free you up and you will be able t o fulfill your dreams and aspirations in your life.

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Comment Very nice words..but many times practical life problems stifle the good alternatives...Anyway very encouraging to read such short and sweet essays...

09/13/2011 07:20 AM

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