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My Morning Walk
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It was early morning – and fog is a part of winter mornings in Northern California – so it was foggy, lovable foggy. In February every California valley is full of dense fog and just above the valleys, in the hilly mountains – the Sun shines beautifully, as if inviting everyone to see the mountains and the beauty of the morning Sun. Fog is to remind one that to see the bright light – climbing up the hill is the way.

This morning I was walking the trail from our home right through the Golf course, observing the surroundings – watching birds with exquisitely beautiful plumes and looking at the trees blossoming – cherry blossom , pink buds and the ever so beautiful fir trees that surround the Golf courses, we have three eighteen hole golf courses in our neighborhood, that make it a great place to walk. I noticed three or may be four diehard golfers practicing on the hitting greens, hitting the balls to improve their swing and also noticed a man about my age pushing a stroller also known as a pram. He was observing far in the distance on the course a golfer, who was searching for his lost ball at the edge of the beautiful lake on the course, at the ninth hole. As I was passing by him , thinking about the old man with a white thick mane, pushing a stroller with a little baby, about nine months old, a rare sight, he said hello . And he brought my attention to the golfer far away who was looking for his lost ball, "I bet you it's in the lake, it has happened to me many a times on this same hole", he said with a smile. I agreed with him and asked, "Is she your granddaughter? " Yes", he perked up, " Her name is Mila. I take her out whenever I can and my daughter gets some time for herself. This way both of us enjoy life a bit more. " I told him , " This is a great way to bond with your granddaughter." He smiled agreeing with me and I walked away. I was thinking about simplicity of a happy life – loving one's granddaughter. Walking is the best therapy that there is . Walking alone in the morning in serene surrounding is the best gift from God, that one can get – second only to doing so with one's beautiful granddaughter. That is what I thought and was reminded of the greatest saint of India – Tulsi Das – who was a poet and wrote-

Jin Maat Pita Kee Seva Kari
Tin Teerath Vrat Kiyo N Kiyo

Those who take care of their parents
with love and respect,
the best Karma that there is,
– are worshiping God and doing his work.

And I thought Mila's, the granddaughter, mother will automatically take care of her Dad as he gets older – that is the law of God, the law of Karma. I kept on walking getting away from the golf course – the trail I walk meanders through the neighborhood, I walked up the hill observing the beautiful blossoms on the trees. In the Morning every bird chirrups and sings as if there is an orchestra conducted by God. There is no beautiful music anywhere that can equal the singing of the Morning birds – none. And I thought God is great he provides it for free. I walked up the street going through the neighborhood with beautifully manicured yards with beautiful flowers on them and curved pathways of exquisitely designed entrances to the homes that don those yards – I came to a road and a major cross walk. In California everybody stops for a pedestrian when one is crossing the road – that is the civilized way, and it reminded me of my short comings – some times I do make the mistake of not thinking about the weak and old and feeble near me and try to think only of me. That is not the civilized way – they all stopped for me , and with respect , because I was walking and they were driving, to let me cross the street – safely and happily. There is something very sweet about the Western civilization –something really admirable. The stop sign.

Further up the road there were many trees full of blossom – just like a canopy of trees – spring is a beautiful time here and cherry blossom makes it awesome. As I walked I saw a little puppy on a tether walking behind her master a lady. He wanted to play with me , or at least check me out. Most Americans love their dogs just as much, if not more, than the their Dogs love them. But, in reality there is hardly any love equal to the love that a Dog has for His master – none. I love that bond – it is amazing what a dog lover does for his Dog and Vice Versa. My morning walks become very enjoyable as I watch this wonderful relationship of a Dog and His man. And I approached the Lady respectfully and asked her, "What do you think – are you walking the dog or your Dog is walking you – for your good health." She just smiled and I continued walking. 

Life is all about smiling. That is why I wrote this for your reading. And on my way back  I was thinking of the nine month old Mila and her grandfather. When she will be 25 he will be about 100 years in age. And he will think, he is an old man – but she will not, because she will still remember him as if he was pushing that pram with her, Mila, in it as a baby. She may be far away from him – but she will love him as much as he loves her. Love, after all is such a force – it never diminishes –-- and we are all God's children and He  has made us for one and only one purpose -to LOVE !  

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Comment I really appreciate and very much all the inspiring comments. I like to write and appreciation for a writer is like GOLD--Precious. Thanks, you will make me write again.

02/25/2015 21:43 PM

Comment This is the time to write a book and not a Blog.please hurry up we are waiting--Harish Pant

02/25/2015 07:58 AM

Comment Very interesting observation ,life is really beautiful ,only one should have the eyes to see it,thanks for sharing it with us,regards

02/24/2015 06:18 AM

Comment Wonderful amalgamation of cultures.

V.K. Joshi
02/23/2015 01:46 AM

Comment That was a great story. Wish the lady with the dog would have conversed a lttle more then a smile however sometimes a smile says it all Anup

anup singh
02/23/2015 01:17 AM

Comment Love you Uncle for your loving thoughts!! You write with true feelings! Lots of love, Radha

radha joshi
02/22/2015 23:29 PM

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