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Women in Corporate America
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I just finished watching the first episode of the new season of The Apprentice and thought it was important to showcase the light of Corporate American Women.
This season, The Donald, and his two lackeys, Don and Ivanka, have decided to interview candidates that have lost their jobs due to the recession economy. Of course, in the style of The Donald, during the first task, the men are pinned against the women. So what happens next? 
Well, the men had a rough start because of lack of strong leadership. Although by day two of the task, leadership kicked in and the team pulled together. There was some amount of disgruntlement during operations, however, they got over it and moved on...it was SQUASHED. They produced a strong product and ultimately won.
The women on the other hand, showed little or no signs of disagreement, dissatisfaction, or discomfort. They all "pretended" to be a loyalist bunch and went about their merry ways in entertaining each others faulty egos. They entered the boardroom with claws filed and sharped and lashed at each other without knowing the results of the winning room. It was a catastrophe, pun intended! Amused, the men sat back and watched as the women tore at each other for absolutely no reasons.
Donald fueled the fire when he declared the men exit but were welcomed, with fancy wine and honory h'orderves, to watch the women's continued battles in the boardroom. It was enlightening to watch these men, united and accomplished, prowl the flat panel horror show while binging on fine fritters.
The women might as well have been in wet t-shirts for these guys! Astonishingly, Ivanka showed her own catiness in the boardroom. You'd think she'd be different but hell, she wears a bra right! So Mahsa, the district attorney, was, well, being a district attorney. She was ANNOYING and causing all sorts of unnecessary drama. She was brought into the boardroom for that exact reason. Ivanka, while discussing the situation with the other Trumps, stated, "Mahsa should get fired for her unprofessionalism." After all that hard work scraping and cleaning the glass window, painting, and shopping, her hard work was completely obliterated by her "attitude."
At the end, it didn't matter what she did because her presentation marred her for, well, other women. I was glad The Donald could see past the catiness and decide on the appropriate fired person.
As with all television, the dueling is obviously to some degree staged but I have seen these exact on goings in my world of IT Project Management for a large wall street investment bank that I believe it to be absolutely, 100%, totally TRUE. It's a shame women have not grown from the neanderthalistic ways of competition after a 10,000 years of evolution.

Working together is the answer girls. Give it a try and success will follow, I promise! To catch the action, log onto Hulu.com and check out The Apprentice, Season 10 Episode 1.

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