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The Dogs I Love
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It has been a long time since I wrote anything except posts for face book and whatsapp. But writing for “Boloji” has its own charm. It is a great web site where a writer finds likeminded readers - it is a great concept developed by Shree Rajender Krishan ji, and I thank him at the outset. I normally write very unique articles - spiritually oriented-life’s travelogues. I may write about our beautiful Californian sojourn or about the rotation of the Solar system. For me it is one and the same thing.

This morning as I was walking through the trails of our subdivision - really the sidewalks of the roads crisscrossing our community of about 10000 homes - I noticed the solitude, a solitude conducive for meditation. I must have walked about five miles with a slow pace, and completed my walk in about an hour and a half, but, did not see any other person throughout the walk, only a few cars buzzed by, ten may be, during my walk . I also, occasioanlly, walk in New Delhi and during a similar  walk there, I would see tens of thousands of people and about the same number of cars. The same is true of my walks in London or New York or San Francisco. I enjoy those walks too - there is solitude there also and I meditate there as well. Such is the journey of life with everyone and yet alone - walking different paths going to the same place, albeit at a different pace.

The way we think is unique for each and every one of us - and very few, if any, think the way I do - so today I want you to visualize my thoughts without asking you to forego yours. And I have the following to share with you. Most of us, if not all of us, are very proud of our achievements our struggles and our values. But, really do we do anything that we can call our action ? Really !! Do we ? So here I go to make my point.

None of us selected our parents, none zero zilch, none of us selected our date of birth our place of birth and our health wealth , our genes; or anything that we proudly , egotistically call ours - our siblings, our neighbors, our home, our schools, our teachers our coworkers, our spouse our children, our country ,our religion , our nature -anything whatsoever. They all come our way, by destiny, as a gift from GOD-- and yet we keep on saying I did it my way. That I, very politely call – “Bull’s Excrement”!

Really everything including, our very next breath, is all pre destined and pre-arranged--like everything else --by HIM. Where and how and when we will die, is already decided regardless of who is our Doctor. It is such an amazing truth, that it is hard, if not impossible, to argue with - and we still go on walking not believing in God - simply thinking that the only truth is, that ,"what we see" and nothing else - till I slap you with my question - has any one seen the earth going around the Sun. Because no one has,that ends all arguments --saying I only believe in "what I see"--because no one does.

And if you did not know, learn it now, the biggest star in our Galaxy is about a trillion times bigger than the Sun, which no one has seen either. And if you did not know our Sun is about a billion times, or more, bigger than our mother Earth which is, about a Billion times or more ,bigger than your room - and even then we think, I am "it" - and that "I know "everything"" , and "I" do it all My way. Bull ----------- !! And did you know when you are meditating sitting motionless - you are actually moving at 100000 miles per hour with your Mother earth and more than a million miles perhour with your Galaxy.

And the truth is, also,  that every second a new Galaxy, like ours, is created as the old one dissolves, yes every second, and there are Infinite such Galaxies - created by the Omniscient, the Omnipotent and the Omnipresent - the Great God, And HE, "the kind and the merciful", gives , each one of us, the brain to think, that not "HE", but,  each one of us is -Omnipotent. Every tyrant has always thought that. And some time we think that way too.

 And  why not, the most kind and merciful,  "God" lets ust think whatever we want to, After they, the so called scietists,  smashed the atoms to smaller and smaller sizes, in their Accelerators - to protons and electrons and nutrinos and kept on smashing- they found that the smallest particle was invisible – “nothing” -" everything came from nothing" - they declared with joy - and they Called it the "God Particle". And still rediculing " God" they named it, the nothing particle, a " BOSON".   
 Bull ----------.

I am not making it up - the biggest star in our Galaxy,  trillion times bigger than our Sun, is also invisible, and so is the God Particle. I am not kidding - just trying to show you the truth, and letting you know that, "the truth" is always invisible. I not preaching , your favorite scientists said that , when they discovered the "invisible" God particle. And I am only repeating, only and exactly like, the scientists said , the truth from which everything came  is "invisible" . God is invisible, like every other truth is,-- and HE " is" the only truth that there " is" - and therefore,  my all time  favorite song  is - Que Sera Sera, whatever will be will be.

Enjoy your life and know this, a Man’s best friend will always be a Dog - I do not have one but I like the Doksins and the Shihtzus. A Doksin always rolls over for a tickle and barks to let you know he loves you, and a Shihtzu - wants you to play with him and hold him. Be happy nothing that is going to happen is under your control - nothing, absolutely nothing, you own nothing and nothing is your achievement, absolutely NOTHING. Every thing you do, have or see is a precious gift from GOD - the Doksins and the Shihtzus know it. That is why Udhister's last friend was a Shihtzu.

And know this, when no man can find a bomb or a hidden poison or a treasure --DOGS do , they know that the truth is always invisble. Doksins can easily see the GOD in your heart. Now enjoy your life and prepare yourself to see the truth. You surely will.

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Comments on this Blog

Comment Well written, Dadaji. You are right, "whatever will be, will be." It doesn't matter what an individual WANTS to happen, it will unfold as destiny or God has written.

Kamil S
07/05/2016 16:20 PM

Comment Dear Vinayak , you are a very wise young man , sweet in heart and your thoughts. I love you. Thanks for your comments

07/05/2016 15:03 PM

Comment Dear Vinayak , you are a very wise young man , sweet in heart and your thoughts. I love you. Thanks for your comments

07/05/2016 15:01 PM

Comment A truly humbling article .... given that humans themselves are made up of atoms, protons and neutrons ... which at the core are made of which is Invisible - Nothing !!! ... This seems to be the GOD's way of reminding to humans - even to one who consider themselves superior - that there will always remain things beyond our realm, understanding and control ....

07/05/2016 09:09 AM

Comment SUSHIL JI you are a very wise person and I love and respect you.

07/04/2016 10:08 AM

Comment A very thoughtful article full of truth and it throws light on many of our beliefs which are far from truth. Most of us think that we are the doers and in that have developed 'Ego". The article throws light that NOTHING is in our control and God is the real truth. Enjoyed the article.

Sushil Batra
07/04/2016 01:16 AM

Comment A writer's incentive is beautiful comments from his or her readers . I thank you for your encouraging comments and will write more of my unique thoughts. Love you.

07/03/2016 22:52 PM

Comment I am in love with your writing because you always write the truth.... It is so refreshing like lemonade because all we read these days is 70% morbid....

charu tewari
07/03/2016 22:48 PM

Comment Thanks for your thoughts, Kam and Vicki, we really enjoy your deep thinking and wisdom, and look forward to your next article.

Charlotte tremaine
07/03/2016 18:18 PM

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