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Demonetization : Lakshmi has Disappeared Again
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In past few weeks since the announcement of PM, media sources have been overflowing with news on hassles being faced by Indians due to demonetization of high denomination currencies. There is despair spread in every nook and corner as people feel throttled and past few days of their lives have appeared helpless and bleak without money.

Our most admired and revered Goddesses Lakshmi is hidden far away from us and last time when she vanished, it was only a Samudra Manthan which retrieved her back, isnt it?

I am referring to popular story of Samudra Manthan from our Puranas which was outcome of sudden disappearing of our benvolent Goddess Lakshmi from this planet. The story says:

Lord Indra in all his arrogance of wealth, status and power insulted Rishi Durvasa, well known for his short temper and hurling curses. 'Durvasa' literally means one who is difficult to live with. While wandering the earth in state of ecstacy, Rishi Durvasa came across King Indra sitting proud on his Airavata dressed in all his regal finery. Upon sighting Rishi Durvasa, King Indra expressed customary salutes but rather curtly. Rishi Durvasa managed to ignore this and handed over a garland of flowers bestowed to him by Lord Vishnu himself, he gave it to Indra as a gift befitting the King which Indra accepted but in his haughtiness placed it on trunk of Airavata, simply ignoring the sacredness of garland presented to him. This enraged Rishi Durvasa and he immediately cursed Indra pronouncing that all his assets of Kingship, wealth, luxury and dominion of which Indra is so proud will be lost and Goddess Lakshmi will soon leave the entire cosmos.

His curse materialised immediately, vanishing Devi Lakshmi from this planet causing a fall of gloom on all living beings. Indra rushed to his all time saviour - Lord Vishnu for the solution who advised him to call truce with his sworn forever enemies Asuras, as their brute strength combined with tackiness of Devas can help in Samdura Manthan- churning of ocean of milk which along with Devi Lakshmi will also produce Amrith-nector of immortality. The entire event took place with many sub-sets of other events in it and eventually Devi Lakshmi herself appeared again holding the pot of amrith in her hands.

> If we re-view the entire episode of Demonetization and its effects in past two days with the lenses of above myth, we can see that today's Idra are astute and influential money hoarders who are finally cursed with the abrupt and vehement decision of our Prime minister in order to arrest the problem of black money circulation in society. It was the responsibility of these elite classes and ministers to maintain a balanced circulation of money , however in their greed of power and ambition they have simply ignored the sacred garland with flowers of egalitarianism.

In the story of Samudra Manthan King Indra was the real recipient of the curse but entire cosmos suffered the deprivation of shine and lustre with vanishing of Goddess Lakshmi, similarly it's the so called 'elite class' which has always confined Devi Lakshmi in their digital safes are the actual bearers of the curse of Demonetization. but sadly most consequences of which are suffered greatly and mainly by commoners.

Every bustling street and shop is empty from past few days and there are chaos of suffering faced by common man in meeting his daily basic necessities as well as fear and panic aroused due to losing control on their hard earned money. On the other hand today's Indras- rich, wealthy and powerful Business class are silently fretting for their black money either lying under their bedsheets or playing in elements which are causing eternal plague of corruption, terrorism and drug trafficking in the country.

Its only Samudra manthan meaning self-introspection, balance and re-distribution of sources in all three sections of society- Upper, middle and poor which will help to churn out the real, stable and genuine form of Lakshmi along with amrith of equality, harmony and honesty.

21st century Indras- atleast now be wary of disruption caused because of your hunger for everlasting dominion of Devi Lakshmi and instead join your hands to worship her and let her rest gleefully in her rightful place with our preserver Lord Vishnu

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