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Winter- Dry skin care tips
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Cold dry breeze of winter makes skin dry and irritable. Persons with dry skin have to be very cautious during winter. Here are few tips to keep skin soft in winter.

1.       Use warm water to bathe instead of hot water.

2.       Massage your body with coconut oil or sesame oil before bath.

3.       Avoid harsh soaps and body wash.

4.       Use besan flour or moong flour instead of soap.

5.       Pat dry skin after bath instead of rubbing it with towel.

6.       Apply thick creamy moisturizer which is devoid of alcohol.

7.       Drink plenty of water, fresh fruit juice and vegetable juice. This increases moisture level of skin.

8.       Use humidifier at home.

9.       Wear warm cloths which do not irritate your skin.

10.   Avoid dry, cold and deep fried food during winter. As it vitiates vata and increases dryness.

11.   Consume dry fruits like almonds, pistachios, raisins etc whenever hunger surfaces.

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