Long Live Benazir Bhutto!!! A Sonnet to Eulogize This Bet is that of Blood – which You Ought to Los by Faiz Al-Najdi SignUp

Long Live Benazir Bhutto!!! A Sonnet to Eulogize
This Bet is that of Blood – which You Ought to Los
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The Bhutto-haters conspired and killed my innocent father – a great leader. I stayed composed and struggled to restore democracy in my Country. They did not stop – then they killed Shahnawaz - my baby-brother. My friends and sympathizers advised me to leave my Country. How could I leave the place where lay buried - my father and my brother? Thus I decided to stay on and fight the dictator - and his tyrannical policy. The dictator left no stone unturned to punish me and my mother. We both suffered at his hands but stayed the course – only for our Country. I was incarcerated and made to suffer – just like they did to my father. But with my people with me I refused to budge and accept his supremacy. My people welcomed me back from exile - to fulfill the dreams of my father. With support of my people, I thus became the first woman PM of my Country. My enemies did not stop – they murdered Mir Murtaza Bhutto – my beloved brother. They finally eliminated me – working hand in hand with the enemies of my Country. Faiz Al-Najdi is a Riyadh based Engineer and a Writer; Email: faizalnajdi@gmail.com)

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Comment Dear Faiz, I have been reading and abreast with the happenings in Pakistan, right from the days of Zulfiqar Bhutto! Your sonnet to the brave-heart was really touching. It is indeed a right eulogy for the great soul who fought relentlessly and fearlessly for the cause that her father espoused! Great tribute indeed!! Look forward to reading more from you!!

Suresh Kalathil
02/14/2018 05:04 AM

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