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Why Modi and RSS Must Split 
Time to Divide Kashmir

The assembly poll results are out. The politically sensitive state of J&K has a hung assembly. Whatever the coalition formed to govern the state tension and heartburning lie ahead. The reason is simple. The Valley and Jammu have distinct and strong identities and people in both parts will resent dominance by the other. Read On
Mamata’s Charge Against CBI 
Why Pakistan Can Implode

Puri Pakistan Prime Minister Mr. Nawaz Sharif made all the right noises after Pakistan’s worst terror attack in Peshawar. But the early hope of Islamabad taking a decisive turn for the better is fast disappearing. Read On

Advice to Janata Parivar - 2
Judging the public mood which gave Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi his single party majority, the advantage of which is being frittered, apart from the desire for new infrastructure and clean cities, what India’s new generation seeks is a modern 21st century identity. To create that a five-point agenda is suggested which Janata leaders might consider for their policy agenda to introduce social and cultural change. Read On
Advice to Janata Parivar - 1
There are moments in the history of a nation when what matters is not the identity of leaders but what they do. Such a moment confronts our nation today. For inexplicable reasons the dream created by Mr. Narendra Modi’s victory in the elections is fast turning into a nightmare. Read On
- Final Call for Pakistan?  
- Drugs, Terror, PM and Cricket  
- Farce of Indian Democracy  

Is it RSS Versus Modi? 
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