Dr. S. Balakrishna


 A PhD in Aeronautics and Controls Engineering, Dr. S. Balakrishna is engaged with NASA in Cryogenic Wind Tunnel Research for the past 12 years. Originally from Bangalore, Karnataka, India, Dr. Balakrishna served as a Scientist & Head of two departments at National Aeronautical Laboratory, Bangalore. He has a number of scientific and engineering papers published in English and has been awarded  professional Fellowships like NRC. He has also published number of scientific articles in Kannada in India. Dr. Balakrishna was brought up in Vaidika tradition and study of Scriptures in his young age. He likes to research old documents in different Indian languages & scripts, to bring to light vast scientific knowledge of Vedic period to modern times in terms currently acceptable.  He has worked on proposing astronomical identity of the 27 stars ( in Jyotishya) as visible explicit stars in the sky and provided their modern astronomical names. Currently, Dr. Balakrishna is doing research on the Bhismaparva - Mahabharata statement that two eclipses occurred within 13 days during the battle at Kurukshethra. The inquiry of the research is: Astronomically, can this occur? If yes, Can we find the time at which it occurred?Dr. Balakrishna is happily married with two children (Computer Science Professionals).

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