Prabhatkiran Bose


Prabhatkiran Bose (25 February 1900 - 25 December 1960) was the doyen of Bengali literature of forties and fifties. An established children's writer, a majority of his works are no longer available, they have now become a collector's item. 'Dokkhiney Hawa' is a collection of lyrical poems which he wrote at the age of nineteen. The photocopy version of this book was given to me by his son and my cousin, Probal Basu for translation. The complete book of translated poetry is being published by Poets Printery, South Africa. Prabhatkiran Bose popularly known as 'Kaka Babu' by his fellow poets has been the topic of many a discussion in contemporary Bangla Literature as the uncrowned prince of that time. Kobiguru Rabindranath Tagore said that if there is ever a poet in Bengal whose poetry is closest to him, that would be only of Prabhatkiran Bose. These poems are the first ever translation / transcreation of his Bengali Poetry

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