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Rishabh Kumar

I am an individual with enthusiasm, insight & a keenness to improve my outlook. 

Strongly believe that ‘Acquired Knowledge is not Power; but Applied Knowledge is Power!” Hence it does not matter how much knowledge one has, it is imperative to incorporate the same in life.

I am an optimist & love philosophy! I am also a theist, a believer in Religion & love reading my Holy Scripture – The Bhagavad Gita; for the knowledge it imparts & for the realization within.

Religion without Philosophy is ‘Fanaticism’ & Philosophy without Religion is ‘Mental Speculation’. There is the need to have parity among the two; to maintain equilibrium or else Sanity can alter into Vanity!

My endeavor is to provide a ‘tongue’ to those who are thinking & provide a ‘view point’ to those who don’t!
I enjoy penning my thoughts as it brings clarity to my reflective progression. And by sharing the same I appreciate the diverse inferences, criticism & sundry opinions from people from different walks in life.

Rishabh Kumar
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