Prof. Musa Khan Jalalzai

London,United Kingdom

Work and Professional Experience:

My research experience is comprised on twenty two years in political analysis, Afghanistan, Taliban, Extremism and Terrorism Issues. I have written books extensively on Terrorism, Violence, Sectarianism, Ethnic Violence, Suicide Terrorism, Human trafficking, Children Trafficking, women Trafficking and Drug Trafficking, Prostitution-Industry and Population  Terrorism, Taliban, Central Asia, South Asia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, the United Kingdom, and Foreign Policy Issues. I am expert of intelligence and security analysis, expert of security and telepathic analysis. My books are being taught in several colleges, Universities and government institutions across the world.

In addition to the above mentioned research, I have written many books in Pashto, Dari, Persian and Urdu languages. In 24 February 2004, I become the prominent writer in South, South West and Central Asian regions, according to the US library of congress report saying: “Musa Khan Jalalzai”, an Afghan Author/journalist, has emerged as one of the most prominent political writers. He has written many books in recent years, chiefly on political conditions in Afghanistan and socio-political problems in Pakistan. Several editions of each of his books have sold out within weeks”.

I have worked on the Following Posts:

1. Pakistan Institute of National Affairs, Lahore, Pakistan (Research Scholar From 1991-1993), where, during the Gulf War in 1991-1992, I completed two, books on the issue of Persian Gulf Politics.

2. Daily the Frontier Post, staff writer, (from 1994-1997), where I wrote over one hundred articles on various political issues.

3. Daily the Nation, Pakistan, staff writer from 1999-2000, where I extensively wrote on the issue of terrorism and sectarian violence in Pakistan.

4. Weekly Independent, Lahore Pakistan (Writer from 2000-2003), where I contributed articles on sectarianism and extremism.

5. Daily Outlook Afghanistan, Executive Editor, from 2005-March 2009. I still write article permanently for the editorial page.

6. Permanent article writer of Daily the Post (Pakistan). I have written over three hundred political columns in the newspaper so for.

7. Independent Research Scholar, from 1997-2005. I wrote articles and books.

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