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Arkadipta Ghosh
New Delhi,India

I am Arkadipta Ghosh, working as a Senior Executive in a Multi National Company. I am 33 years old and my work mainly involves dealing with statistics like ‘Net Sales’, ‘Utilization’, ‘Engagement Profitability’ and so on… Over a period of time, specifically in the last 2 years, I realized that I have a keen interest in writing (mainly fiction); and as anyone can guess it is quite contradictory to the field of my occupation. As my job demands me to be calculative and apply logic to everything, my interest propels me to think creative and different all the time. Currently I am somehow surviving this tug of war…!

Recently I pursued a course in ‘Creative Writing’ after my friends and family assured me that my writing is meaningful enough. I enjoyed the course as it allowed me to dwell deep into my thoughts, beliefs and assumptions. However, at the same time it challenged me to create interesting, meaningful and believable stories. I liked this challenge and consequently became more interested in writing looking at the wide spectrum it has in store for me. Every time I sit down to write, I feel a unique pleasure amalgamated with a tinge of responsibility. I feel responsible about what new or interesting I have with me to offer the reader. I fail to describe the ‘unique pleasure’ that I experience in words (may be because I am not a writer of that caliber…!)

I am not sure if I would ever end up being a professional writer, but what I am sure about is the fact that my last piece of writing would render me the same intensity of pleasure that my first piece did.

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