Jagdish C. Maheshri


Jagdish C. Maheshri, Ph.D. is a chemical engineer who has been pursuing his interest in astrology since 1966. He has analyzed and interpreted more than 10,000 horoscopes and has been researching astrology as a science for nearly thirty years. In the early 1980s he developed a computer program that could calculate the geocentric positions of planets on an individual's birth date and provide a horoscope (birth chart) in less than thirty seconds, enabling him to devote more time to researching methods of analyzing and interpreting horoscopes while practicing the eastern techniques he had studied. During the early 1990s Dr. Maheshri discovered a method by which he can accurately time a prediction, the unique Ninefold Progression technique, which can be applied to both the natal and progressive horoscope charts of an individual. He has explained the technique and its application in details in his book, "It's all in Timing".

Dr. Maheshri believes that the very nature it affects an individual has kept astrology from being universally accepted. Because it is very easy for a normal individual to become overwhelmed with it to the extent that the individual loses control of his or her life by literally becoming a slave of astrology. But when used as guidance, astrology becomes a blessing. It allows a person to enrich and enhance his life by helping uncover his hidden talents and abilities, it further helps him discover who he or she is, and even helps provide meaning to life. 

As a professional astrologer with over 30 years of practice, Dr. Maheshri convincingly explained the nature of rapid evolutionary human growth, especially in the area of technical fields in last couple of centuries through the influence of planetary motions on our collective human conscious.

According to Dr. Maheshri, astrology never solves your problems. It's you who solve them! But you can benefit from astrology when you consider it as a means of personal guidance, a source of second opinion, or a way of confirming things that you already had planned. 

Astrology certainly can be treated as a science of preventive maintenance through the insight it provides us to understand our weaknesses, strengths, capabilities and limitations, and the dynamic nature of our life. Having some guidance about our natural aptitudes, capabilities, and limitations, astrology certainly provides an opportunity to improve our chances of making best life choices and set right life goals. With the help of knowledge of favorable as well as not-so-favorable periods an individual further can enhance and achieve most in life.

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