Jayantika Ganguly


I'm slightly bibliomaniacal. I like movies. I like to write as well. I'm interested in music, dance and art - perhaps only because I was trained in these. I'm a little crazy. I love food. I love travelling. I love my family and I love my friends. More than anything, I love my cat. My fatal fault is personal loyalty. I'm not sure what else to say. Usually, when I'm asked to describe myself, I say this:
Watch where you're going, they say
And I reply - nay, nay, nay
I'm the jaywalking Jay
I make my own way
Foolish, you are, at me they bray
Yes, indeed, you are a jay
You do nothing but waste your day
Work not at all and only play
Doesn't matter, I make my hay
Yeah, I do, come what may
For, I'm the jaywalking Jay
I make my own way
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