Saurabh Jha

Delhi ,India

A dream to become a writer and a love for literature and philosophy has always inspired me to read more. After accomplishing my B.E. in mechanical engineering, I started reading Hindi literature. Although I had begun reading poetry during my engineering, I started reading and assimilating different schools of Indian philosophy.  

Poetry drew my attention, and reading multiple poets in Hindi gave me the insight to create my poems. Over time, I wrote many poems, which are ready to be published soon as a poetry collection. I wrote reviews of some books in Hindi, including “Dhanika by Dr. Madhu Chaturvedi,” “Tarkash by Javed Akhtar,” “Kanupriya by Dr. Dharamveer Bharti,” and many more are there. 

My recent work in philosophy, “The Bhagavad-Gita with the World Views of Samkhya Philosophy,”  has been published in a journal, and one book, “The Bhagavad-Gita with the World Views of Six Systems of Indian Philosophy, is in process. 
With a keen interest in Nyaya Philosophy, I have been trying to assimilate this system from the experts in this field and intend to present some work that can reveal the relevance of the Indian Philosophical system in the scientific era.
Currently, after accomplishing my MA in philosophy, I have been working as a content writer in an IT and digital marketing company, where I can enjoy my passion, which is writing.  

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