Pt. Sanatan Das

New Delhi,India

Have made minor contributions to Boloji earlier as Sanjay Chowdhary.  Post Diksha (Initiation), Guru gave me the spiritual name 'Sanatan Misra Das'. Short name, Sanatan, is my popular name in the temple.

One of the Seva assigned to me is encourage devotees to take to morning chanting of holy names of Sri Krishna, i.e., the Hare Krishna Maha-Mantra, and prepare the write up for a 5 min. Japa Talk for reading. Though this came as a duty / Service of Krishna, but paved the way for me to start writing again and express myself, albeit, on spiritual subjects. Writing was my passion which I had lost. Divine mercy wants to restore it.

I want to share. Boloji is the best platform to my mind to share.

Hare Krishna

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