Narasimha Vedala


Narasimha Vedala is software bug-buster at work during day. His darkest secret happens to be drawing cartoons and cooking up fun at night -- fiendishly -- especially when the moon hits full. His humor is generally twisted and non-sequitur which makes his uncle, the Count Dracula, wake up at mid-noon sometimes and order pasta. 

Narasimha Vedala gets philosophical, sometimes, and asks himself "Does God really exist? If yes, why cannot I figure out relativity and Grand Unified Theory, or, for that matter, Graph theory? If he exists, please can he pass on simpler proof of Fermats Last Theorem than the currently established one?" He is also known to have confused many children by asking questions like " Why do Doctors do bypass surgery while standing and not while passing by? Is it some kind of conspiracy? Why did the cat got killed out of curiosity and not due to indigestion? What is the significance of it?"

The gist of Narasimha Vedala can be found in Nostradamus' prophecy "A man will rise in the east from the Indus Land below; So will many others who rise every morning from the bed; But, behold, this man will not only rise, but keeps forgetting to carry his ID to the workplace. People call him God; But his workplace calls him staff engineer. He will call himself cattoonist or curtainist or cartoonist whichever makes sense." 

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