Ahmed Tanhaa


Ahmed started his poetic journey at a tender age of 9, and has found himself sailing in the ocean of poetry ever since. He uses the alias Tanhaa, which in English means "alone" and has cultural and poetic significance in the Urdu and Hindi literatures. He had embarked upon this journey in search of rich and fertile land, and has found that his ocean contains new worlds yet to be discovered.

Ahmed �s parents had migrated from India to Burma and then to Pakistan where he was born and raised with five siblings. Since his childhood he was fond of reading and had developed a keen interest in poetry at a very early age. He began writing verses and started studying the lives of other great Indian poets during his middle and high school years, and beyond.
One of his favorite Indian poets is Mirza Ghalib who he believes is the master of Urdu ghazals, the most prominent form of poetry in Indian and Pakistani literatures. He enjoys unraveling Ghalib�s verses to open new vistas to view new horizons. His quest takes him on yet another journey where he finds the landscape very fascinating. 
He has also enjoyed the works of English poets and specially finds the works of Longfellow, Keats, and Frost very interesting and intriguing. Ahmed has tried to express his thoughts and feelings in both languages. However, most of his poetic work has been in Urdu/Hindi.
Ahmed immigrated to the United States in 1976, and currently resides in Florida with his family. In his spare time, he concentrates on reading and writing and writes articles and poetry about various subject matters. Ahmed hopes to publish his work some day, but for now he will continue his journey enjoying and savoring his encounters and experiences along the way.
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