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The Guru in Sanaatanadharma - 3
by Dr.Rama Rao Vadapalli V.B. Bookmark and Share

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The Guru and Sanaatanadharma go together. The aspirant, saadhaka, seeks the unification with the Divine with the aid and blessings of his Guru, who makes the ascent both possible and easy. The Guru, preceptor, is one, who out of love and compassion for his sishya, disciple, guides and leads him forward to attain moksha, liberation or salvation.


120. Pindam kim tu mahaadeva,
padam kim samudaahratam;
Roopaateetam cha roopam kim
etadaakhyaahi shankara.

Parvati said:
O Great Lord, what is ‘pindam’ and how do you define ‘padam;’ what is ‘rupam’ and ‘ooupatitam?’ Tell this to me, O Shankara!

Guru Gita Part - 3

Shree Mahaadeva uvaaca:

121. Pindam kundalinee shaktih,
padam hamsamudaahritam;
Roopam bindu riti jneyam,
roopaateetam niranjanam.

Sri Mahadev said:
‘Pindam’ is Kundalini Shakti, ‘padam’ is said to be ‘hamsa’ (prana); know ‘roopam’ to be the Blue Pearl and ‘roopateetam’ (beyond the Blue Bindu) is to be pure Being.

122. Pinde muktaa pade muktaa,
roope muktoo varaanane;
Roopaatite tu ye muktaas te,
muktaa naatra samsayah.

O Beautiful One, there is no doubt that he whose Kundalini is awakened, whose prana is steady, who has seen the Blue Bindu and even beyond, is truly liberated.
123. Svayam sarvamayo bootvaa,
param tattvam vilokayet;
Paraat parataram naanyat,
sarva metanniraalayam.

Experience the Highest Being by becoming everything yourself. There is nothing beyond THAT. All this (the world) is without basis.

124. Tasyaalokanam praapya,
sarva sanga vivarjitah;
Ekaakee nisprihah shaantas,
tishthaset tatprasaadatah.

After experiencing the Godhead by the Guru’s Grace, all your attachments and desires vanish. You become solitary, tranquil and firmly stable (in the Self).

125. Labdham vaa’tha na labdham vaa,
svalpam vaa bahulam tathaa;
Niskaamenaiva bhoktavyam,
sadaa santushta chetasaa.

Whatever comes to you –be it little or much or even nothing - enjoy it with a contented mind and without attachment or desire.

126. Sarvajna padam ityaahur,
dehi sarvamayo budhaah;
Sadaanandah sadaa shanto,
ramate yatra kutra chit.

After attaining the all-knowing state, an embodied soul becomes everything. Being always blissful and tranquil, such a one delights (in his own Self) wherever one may be.

127. Yatraiva tishtate so’pi,
sa desah punya bhaajanam;
Muktasya lakshanam devi,
tavaagre kathitam maya.

Wherever he dwells, that very place becomes holy. O Goddess! Thus have I described to you the characteristics of a liberated one.

128. Upadesas tathaa devi,
gurumaargena muktidah;
Guru bhaktis tathaa dhyanam,
sakalam tava keertitam.

O Goddess! I have explained the message to you: by following the path shown by the Guru, by devotion to the Guru, and meditation on him, one attains salvation.

129. Anena yad bhavet kaaryam,
tad vadaami mahaamate;
Lokopakaarakam devi,
laukikam tu na bhaavayet.

O Wise One! I shall now speak to you of the work, which can be accomplished (by studying and reciting the Guru Gita). O Goddess! The powers accruing from this should not be used only for the welfare of people and not for selfish gains.

130. Laukikaat karmano yaanti,
jnaana heenaa bhavaarnavam;
Jnaani tu bhaavayet sarvam,
karma nishkarma yat kritam.

The ignorant, by using the Guru Gita for selfish ends, swirl in the ocean of worldliness. The actions of the enlightened become means for their liberation. Such people need not suffer or experience the fruit of their deeds.

131. Idam tu bhaktibhaavena,
pathate srinute yadi;
Likhitvaa tat pradaatavyam,
tat sarvam saphalam bhavet.

Reading or hearing the Guru Gita with devotion, or making a copy of it and giving it to another would earn great merit.

132. Gurugeetaatmakam devi,
shuddha tattvam mayoditam;
Bhava vyaadhi vinaashaartham,
svayameva japet sadaa.

O Goddess! I have revealed to you the pure truth contained in the Guru Gita. To overcome the malady of worldliness you should always repeat it.

133. Gurugeetaakshraikam tu,
mantra raajamimam japet;
Anye cha vividhaa mantraah,
kalam naarhanti shodasim

Each letter of the Guru Gita is a supreme mantra. Repeat it. All other mantras of diverse kinds do not have even one-sixteenth of its power.

134. Ananta phalamaapnoti
guru geetaa japena tu;
Sarva papa prashmanam
sarva daadrya naashanam

By repeating the Guru Gita, endless rewards are obtained, all sins are destroyed, and all privations are put to an end.

135. Kaala mrityu bhayaharam,
sarva sankata naashanam;
Yaksha raakshasa bhootaanam.
chora vyaaghra bhayaa paham.

The Guru Gita delivers one from the fear of death, and the fear of Yakshas, Rakshasas, ghosts, thieves and wild animals. It puts and end to all mishaps and misfortunes.

136. Mahaa vyaadhi haram sarvam,
vibhuti siddhidam bhavet;
Athavaa mohanam vashyam,
svayameva japet sadaa.

It drives all diseases and confers wealth and siddhis, extraordinary accomplishments, such as the power of enchanting others. Repeat it always.

137. Vastraasane cha daaridryam,
pasane rogasambhavah;
Medinyaam dukhamaapnoti,
kashte bhavati nishphalam.

Repeating the Guru Gita while sitting on a cloth seat one gets poverty; on a stone seat diseases arise; on the ground one gets sorrow; on a wooden seat the japa would be fruitless.

138. Krishnajine jnnanasiddhir,
mokshashrir vyaghracharmaani;
Kushaasane jnanasiddhih,
sarvasiddhistu kambale.

(Repeating it while sitting) on the skin of a black deer, one attains knowledge; on a tiger skin, one gets the wealth of liberation; on a kusha, reed or rush seat, one attains knowledge; on a woollen blanket, gets all attainments.

139. Kushairvaa doorvayaa devi,
aasane shubhra kambale;
Upavishya tato devi,
japedekaagra maanasah.

O Goddess! The Guru Gita should be repeated with single-minded devotion while sitting on a reed or rush seat covered with a white cloth.

140. Dhyeyam shuklam cha shaantyartham,
vasye raktaasanam priye;
Abhichaare krisnavarnam,
peetavarnam dhanaagame.

O Beloved! A white seat is suitable for obtaining peace, a red one for the power of charming others, a black one for exorcising evil spirits and a yellow one for acquiring wealth.

141. Uttare shaanti kaamastu,
vashye poorvamukho japet;
Dakshne maranam proktam,
pashchime cha dhanaagamah.

Repeating the Guru Gita facing north would enable you to obtain peace; facing east would enable you to captivate others; facing south would enable you to kill (an enemy); facing west would enable you to acquire wealth.

142. Mohanam sarva bhootaanaam,
bandhamokshakaram bhavet;
Deva raja priyakaram,
sarva loka vasam bhavet.

By reciting the Guru Gita, acquiring the power to enchant all creatures and all the worlds, one becomes a darling of gods and rulers and gets liberation from all bondage.

143. Sarveshaam stambhanakaram,
gunaanaam cha vivardhanam;
Dushkarma naashanam chaiva,
sukarma siddhidam bhavet.

The Guru Gita grants the power of paralysing hostile creatures, nurtures and nourishes good qualities, neutralises bad actions and brings deeds to fulfilment

144. Asiddhaa saadhayet kaaryam,
navagraha bhayaapaham;
Dussvapna naashanam chaiva,
susvapna phala daayakam.

It accomplishes impossible tasks, delivers one from the fear of harm from the nine planets, puts an end to bad dreams, and yields the fruit of all good dreams.

145. Sarva shaanti karam nityam,
tathaa vandhyaa suputradam;
Avaidhavya karam streenaam,
saubhaagya daayakam sadaa.

It always bestows peace in every situation, grants a son to a barren woman, maintains the happiness of a married woman by ensuring that she does not become a widow, and brings good fortune.

146. Aayuraarogyamaishvarya,
putra pautra pravardhanam;
Akaamatah stree vidhavaa,
japaan mokshamavaapnuyaat.

It grants longevity, health, wealth and power, children and grandchildren. If a widow repeats the Guru Gita without desire, she obtains salvation.

147. Avaidhavyam sakaamaa tu,
labhate chanyajanmani;
Sarva dukhabhayam vighnam,
naasayechchaa pahaarakam.

If she repeats it with a desire, she will not become a widow in her next life. It removes all misery, fears and obstacles and delivers one from curses.

148. Sarva baadhaa prashamanam,
dharmaartha kama moksha dam;
Yamaa yam chintayate kaamaam,
tam tam praapnoti nishchitam.

It overcomes all hurdles and grants four-fold fulfilment – righteousness, wealth, pleasure and salvation. Whatever desire its worshipper has is bound to be fulfilled.

149. Kaamitasya kaamadhenuh,
kalpana kalpa paadapah;
Chintaamanis chintitasya,
sarva mangala kaarakam.

The Guru Gita is the fabulous wish-fulfilling cow, kaamadhenu, to those who repeat it with desire, the wish-fulfilling tree to the imaginative type and the wish-fulfilling jewel to the contemplative. It is conducive to one’s welfare in all ways.

150. Moksha hetur japennityam,
moksha shriyamavaapnuyaat;
Bhoga kaamo japedyo vai,
tasya kaama phala pradam.

He who repeats it regularly to achieve liberation becomes emancipated. He who repeats it with a desire for enjoyments would have his desire fulfilled.

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