Dr. Rama Rao Vadapalli V.B.

Noida (UP),India

Dr V.V.B. Rama Rao Born 1-1-1938, B.A., Economics; B.A. English, (Andhra Univ.) M.A. English (B.H.U.) Diploma in teaching English (C.I.E.) Dip. In French (A.U Ph.D. (A.U). Been on the Faculty of Maharaja’s College, Vizianagaram from 1957 to 1995. Retired as Reader and Head of the Dept of English on 31-12-1995. Deputed to CIE (Hyderabad) for PG Dip.T.E. “66. Dip. In French 1976; Ph.d. in English Lit. GRAHAM GREENE’S COMIC VISION 1979 Experience in ELT (English Language Teaching) Summer Institutes, Madras 1969, Andhra1978 and SV Universities 1979 Served as Member on the Teaching Faculty in the Dept. of English Reader & Head Maharajah’s College, Vizianagaram from 1961 to 1995 Retired on 31 Dec 1995 Associated with Central Institute of English and Foreign Languages Centre for Distance Education Has to his credit more than 50 books in English and Telugu. Some more are in press. These publications include Novels, Biography, Collections of Stories, Literary Criticism, Hagiography and also in Literary Translations from English to Telugu and from Telugu to English. Is associated with B.R.Ambedkar Open University, Hyderabad, IGNOU and NCERT, Delhi, Andhra University School of Correspondence Courses as Counsellor. Course Writer, Examiner and Chief Examiner. Gave talks at University of Hyderabad, CIEFL Lucknow, Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad, Sri Ramakrishna Ashram, New Delhi etc., Has hundreds of newspaper articles, reviews, short-stories etc. Has contributed to Sahitya Akademi publications like SAMAKALEENA BHARATIYA ANGLA KATHANIKALU in Telugu, MEDIEVAL INDIAN LITERATURE Vol. IV and Penguin’s IN THEIR OWN VOICE in English. As Teacher Trainer and Faculty Member:UGC ELT Summer Institutes in Madras University 1969 S.V.University 1972 Andhra University, 1975 Attended a number of workshops in ELT and Literary Translation as participant and Resource person, at the State and National levels and presented Papers at INSA Seminars at Chennai and Kottayam, at S.V.University, Tirupati, SKD University, Anantapur, India International Rural Research Centre Mahatma Gandhi International Hindi University, Delhi. Gave Key note addresses and Plenary Session, Inaugural Talks. Wrote features and contributed hundreds of literary and review articles besides short stories both in Telugu and English. EC Member of Indian Society of Authors (New Delhi) from 1996: Attended several Seminars and held three: at Warangal, Station Ghanpur and Hyderabad in Feb 2008 Books published in English (Original ) 1. TAPASWI, Reliance Publishing House, 1989 ISBN 81-8507-52-9 (NOVEL) 2. GRAHAM GREENE’S COMIC VISION, Reliance 1990 ISBN 81-85047-59-6 (LIT.CRITICISM) 3. INTO THAT HEAVEN OF FREEDOM, Reliance, 1991 ISBN 81-85087-92-8 (NOVEL) 4. ANANDAGAJAPATI RAJU, Biography, Int. Tel. Institute, 1985 (BIOGRAPHY) 5. UNNAVA, Makers of Indian Literature (Sahitya Akademi) ISBN: 81 – 260 – 1132 BIOGRAPHY 6. SEEING GOD and Other Poems (Desktop Edition) 2005 (POETRY) 7. TO OUR GRANDCHILDREN and other poems (Desk Top Edn 2006) (POETRY) 8. INSIGHTS INTO LITERARY TRANSLATION AND LANGUAGE IN DISTINCTIVE USE (AUTHORSPRESS FEB. 2009) (LANGUAGE AND TRANSLATION PRACTICE) 9. FOR OLD SAKE’S (Collection of Stories in English) Authors Press 2009 (STORIES) 10. BUMPY RIDE (Internet Excerpted) Authors Press 2010 (NOVEL) 11. THE WALKING SHIVA OF VARANASI – TRAILINGASWAMI (1607-1887) 2000 Richa, New Delhi ISBN 81-91200 – 8 – 5 (HAGIOGRAPHY) Books published in Telugu (Original) 12. SPARSA REKHALU, Novel, EMESCO, 1977 (NOVEL) 13. NEETI KIREETAALU, Novel, JYOTI, 1977 (NOVEL) 14. MAGUVALU-MANASULU Novel, EMESCO, 1980 (NOVEL) 15. GAALIPDAGALU – NEETIBUDAGALU Novel –1981(NOVEL) 16. TAPASWI, Novel, Kavita Publns. 1985 (NOVEL) 17. DOCTOR KATHALU, Short stories 1989 18. KATHALA KOLUVU 2001 ISBN 81-901200-2-6 (STORIES) 19. KATHALA KADAMBAM 4th Vol of Telugu Short stories ISBN (STORIES) 20. KATHALA KOLANU (Stories) ISBN 81-901200-3-4 (STORIES) 21. LALLESWARI VAAKULU: 2003 ISBN 81-901200-5-0 (HAGIOGRAPHY) 22. ANUVAADA DARSHINI Telugu ISBN: 81 – 91200 – 9 – 3 (TRANSLATION PRACTICE) (Translations) 23. PRAJAASWAAMYAM (Beetham and Boyd) Trans. for NBT 1995 ISBN 81-237-3011-X (POLITICAL THEORY) 24. BHAVISHYAT BAHU PARAAK, translated from English, Sahitya Akademi, 1990 (NOVEL) 25. KURUKSHETRAM :Trs.Of Ayyapa Paniker’s celebrated poem - Chitralekha Trivandrum (POETRY) 26. GOTRAYANAM :Trs.Of Ayyapa Paniker’s renowned poem - Chitralekha Trivandrum – 2002 (POETRY) 27. Bhagat Singh selected Speeches and Letters Ed D.N.Gupta Trans into Telugu (In Press) 28. chadavaDamanTE avagaahaana chEsukODam (Trans of To Read is to Understand; NCERT (In Press) (PEDAGOGY) 29. SUNDARAM LEARNS (Novel) Sahitya Akademi (1998) ISBN 81-260-0059-7 (NOVEL) 30. THE JOY OF THE DIVINE(Summaries of discourses on saundaryalahari and Viswanatha Ramayana’s sundarakanda (RELIGION) 31. FRESH SIGNATURES (Poetry of Muralidhar Goud)) (POETRY) 32. VOICES ON THE WING: Telugu Free Verse 1985-’95 2000 ISBN 81-901200-0-X (POETRY) 33. FIERY AND FIERCE: Translation of C.V.Krishna Rao’s long poems, June 2000 (POETRY) 34.MORE VOICES ON THE WING: 2001 ISBN 81-901200-1-8, 2001 (POETRY) 35. DURGASAPTASHATI Richa Publications, New Delhi 2003 RELIGION 36. RIPPLE-MARKS Readings from Bharadwaja’s Elegiac Pentad. 2003 (POETRY) 37. SRI GURU GITA and SOME DAILY PRAYERS 2005 Richa ISBN 81-91200- 7-7 (RELIGION) 38 DEVI BHAGAVATHAM as Splendour of the Supreme Mother Richa 2006 (RELIGION) 40. UNNAVA) MIL Series, Sahitya Akademi ISBN 81-260-1132-7 (BIOGRAPHY) 41. SWAMI RAMANANANDA 2005 (RELIGION) 42. SHIVPURAN Richa Prakashan 2004 (RELIGION) 43. SHIRDI SAI AMRUTAVARSHAM -- SHAKTIPAATAM - RELIGION 44. THE SPLENDOUR OF THE SUPREME MOTHER – DEVIBHAGAVATHAM, RICHA 2006 (RELIGION) 45. SAAMPARAYAM : KOVELA SUPRASANNA CHARYA’S EPIC (POETRY) 46. BILLOWS OF BLISS (ADI SANKARA’S SAUNDARYALAHARI) RICHA 2010 (RELIGION) :47. VIVEKA CHUDAMANI (in press) Richa (RELIGION) 48. UNNAVA’S MALAPALLI (Trans.from Telugu)Sahitya Akademi ISBN 81-260-2595-6 (2007) (NOVEL) 49..ADI SHANKARA’S SHIVVAANANDALAHARI - ROUGH AND READY RENDERING (INTO ENGLISH) (IN PRESS) RICHA (RELIGION) 50. GARUDAPURANA (In press) Richa (RELIGION) 51. Devi Maahaatmyam – (in press) (Univ. of Hyderabad awarded M.Phil for a dissertation on his stories in Telugu entitled VVBRAMARAO KATHALU) Contributed Translations from Telugu to English IN THEIR OWN VOICE (PENGUIN )(1985) MEDIEVAL INDIAN LITERATUE (Vol I) SAHITYA AKADEMI 2000 Works translated into other languages Sparsarekhalu into Hindi by Ram Sachidanand Saran, Saurabh Prakashan, Muzzafarpur Some short stories translated into Malyalam, Hungarian and Polish Online publications: Contributions Symposium by Mail : Practicing Literary Translation (Monthly ) From October 2006 – Oct 2006 www.languageinindia.com 6 Essays in Lit Translation and 10 Essays in Language in Distinctive Use Awards etc: Awarded Teacher Fellowship under the UGC F.I.P. programme 1976-79 Won the British Council Merit Award in Short-story Contest (South)—1988 Won the A.P. Govt.’s Best Teacher Award (from Andhra University) for the year 1989. Won an award from Academy of Indo-Asian Literature, New Delhi 2004.

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