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Sri Guru Paduka Stotram
by Dr. Rama Rao Vadapalli V.B. Bookmark and Share

Sri Guru Paduka Stotram is a composition that explains the sanctity, power and glory of the footwear of the holy preceptor. Padukas are wooden sandals used by the celibates and holy men. They are made of planks or wood of the neem, mango of jackfruit tree. For celibates padukas are essential for most of the time they go about fom place to place on foot and cover long distances. The padukas of the guru, the preceptor, are considered sacred and holy and as efficacious as the guru himself. Hence the song of devout praise for the Guru padukas. We find reference to the veneration accorded to padukas in Tretayuga when Bharata takes these from Sri Rama to place them on the throne and rule Ayodhya as his sevitor during Sri Rama’s exile. This stotram gives the reader and the devout devotee of the Guru and God a sense of judgement and the ability to distinguish the transient from the everlasting, the object for sustained woship (archana) and a means for self-realization (atmabodha).

1. Ananta samsaara samudrataara naukaayitaabhyaam gurubhaktidaabhyaam
vairaagya saamraajyada poojanaabhyaam namo namah Shree gurupaadukaabhyaam

My salutations to the Guru padukas, which are like boats to cross the otherwise impossible ocean of samsara (family and the world) the other side of which is invisible. They are the most sacred and deserve devout worship. They give one vairagya, a sense of detachment and resignation. Vairagya grants one the sovereignty of dispassion, essential for god-realization.

2. kavitva vaaraasi nisaakarabhyaam daaridrya daavaambudhi maalikaabhyaam
doorikrutaanamra vipattitabhyaam namo namah Shree gurupaadukaabhyaam

My salutations to the Guru padukas, which are like the rising moon to the sea of poetry, which dispel clouds of fierce wildfires of misfortune and drive away disasters. The import is that the grace of the guru padukas help the surge and flow of poetry and wipe away all misfortunes and tribulations.

3. nataa yayoh sreepatitaam sameeyuh kadaaichitaabhyaasu daridravaryaah
mookascha vaachaspatitaam hi taabhyaam namo namah sree gurupaadukaabhyaam

My salutations to the Guru padukas, which by a mere recitation once would one (till then poverty-sticken) becomes a darling of the deity of affluence (Goddess Lakshmi). They would bless the dumb with speech and the dull-witted with wisdom.

4. naalee kaneekaasa padaadrutaabhyaam naaree vimohaadi nivaarikaabhyaam
namajjanaabheeshta tatipradaabhyaam namo namah Sree gurupaadukaabhyaam

My salutations to the Guru padukas, which shine effulgent as a row of lotuses, which dispel ignorance and fufil desires of all the devout.

5. nrupaalimowli vrajaratnakaanti saridviraaja jjhasha kanyakaabhyaam
nrupatvadaabhyaam natalokapankteh namo namah Sree gurupaadukaabhyam

My salutations to the Guru padukas, which appear like youthful fish in the sea of light emanating from the crown jewels of king of kings and which bestow kingdoms on the devout worshippers.

6. Paapaandhakaaraarka paramparaabhyaam taapatrayaaheendra khagesvaraabhyaam
jaadyaabdhi sam shoshana baadavaabhyaam namo namah Shree guruupaadukaabhyaam

My salutations to the Guru padukas, which scatter all the darkness of sins, which are like eagles to the serpents of three kinds of great grief. They are aadibhautika, grief caused by scorpions, venemous snakes, cruel animals etc.; adhyatmika, grief caused by the body and manas; and adidaivika, grief caused by typhoons, cyclones, earthquakes etc.

7. shamaadishatka pradavaibhavaabhyaam samaadhidaana vrata deekshitaabhyaam
ramaadhavaamghri sthirabhaktidaabhyaam namo namah Sree gurupaadukaabhyaam

My salutations to the Guru padukas, which have the competence and grace to give the six great qualities shama, mind-control, dama, control of other senses, uparati, withdrawal from attachments etc., titiksha, tolerance and fortitude, shraddha faith and commitment, and samaadhaana, concentration, besides samaadhi, steadfast devotion at the Feet of Lord Vishnu.

8. Svaarchaaparaa naamakhileshtadaabhyaam samagra sahaayaadhurandharaabhyaam
svaantaaccha bhaavapradapoojanaabhyaam namo namah Shree gurupaadukaabhyaam

My salutations to the Guru padukas, which fulfil all the desires of devotees, which help them in all ways and purify their manas (Mind-Intellect-Inclination).

9. Kaamaadi sarpa vrajagaarudaabhyaam vivekavairaagya nidhipradaabhyaam
bodhapradaabhyaam drutamokshadaabhyaam namo namah Shree gurupaadukaabhyaam

My salutations to the Guru padukas, which are like the great eagle which destroys the serpents like desire and anger, which give us discrimination and judgement and which bless us with detachment and resignation (vairagya) as well as salvation.

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