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Better I and Better You for a Better World
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A better world has been the object and aim of man’s effort.  The best way to reach the goal is to better one’s own self and help another to be come better. Hence the slogan Better I and Better You for a Better World.

Usually people want others to be better and help the world become a happier place. Charity must begin at home.  Love is the key to joy and happiness. At first I should be affectionate, concerned and understanding the other person: the YOU.

How I can improve, better myself by thinking, looking within and by being affectionate and loving towards all others. Looking within is to examine myself for mistakes, faults and defects.  When I know what they are I must rectify, correct, improve myself.  After doing this, if I show affection and love for you, you would return your love to me. If this is done by you, me and all, the world becomes surely a better place to live in.  There would be no hatred or enmity: no misunderstanding, no jealousy and no ill will.  

We create our own problems by developing dislike, hatred, ill will and jealousy. These are negative qualities.  Love and charity go together.  Love comes out of understanding, sympathy, and fellow-feeling.  These are positive qualities.  Unless I love I cannot expect you to love me.  If there is no love, no understanding hatred and other negative qualities fill us.  There would be enmity and loss of joy and peace.  For a better world, I as a person must work. Understanding is not difficult if I have love in my heart.

To make the world a better place to live in the first step is to start with me: ‘I.’ I should have goodwill, understanding and sympathy – in one word - love.  When you understand me and my love, you too love me.  Love is the key to happiness.

The world is a place where people live.  If the people are happy and good, the world looks happy. There would be no wars.  To better the world you and I, I first, should put in my effort.  It is simple: Love, love wins all.  I and you, grammatically, You and I, should understand each other, love each other and work hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder.  Then, surely we make this a better world.

Love be with us – God help us

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