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There are ever so many ‘isms’ and each has a point of view and a particular attitude and angle of vision. Human nature being what it is, there are mental states and personal views. There are poets who are kind-hearted and feel very bad seeing/noticing things. The poet under study is rather vociferous that things should be as they are here and now. The utterly deprived, weak, powerless just suffer and for them religion, faith and belief are the pop-ups. Now read poems which offer stimulating ideas.

World-Aeon- Some Attitudes - A Journey

Going around itself
Falls in love in herself
The Earth
A Narcist

Blowing like curtains
Feels that it only because of her is this world
An Egoist

Creating delusion that something is there
The void, from void to void goes on measuring
The Sky
The Nihilist

Rising high again and again
Rising and falling
Goes on a
An Eccentric

Bearing grief along its height
Doesn’t fall except occasionally
Becoming tears
The cloud
An Introvert

More than feeling it’s doing good
Enamoured seeing her own radiance
The Star
A Hedonist

Aiming the arrows of colours without one
Aims all at one go
The beauty of multitudinous
Releases all over the directions
The Rainbow
A Pluralist

Flying into fancies
Lost in thought on another world
The bird
An Idealist

Occupying all space given
Open in branches
With roots extends itself
The Tree
An Imperialist

Heaping all sand in a big cluster
The Earth makes one see another face
A Desert
A Pragmatist

Existence with movement
In seeing shows everlasting care
Above Branding and Judgement
For thoughts giving a spectacle
The deer
An Existentialist

Hands without fingers
Changing into fists
Mud takes in everything
Even Sita and Her consort Rama
A Realist

Cleaning the earth, raising the head
Defying self-respect and submission
Shows up existence
A Revolutionary

All time burning itself
Dressing up Time with rays
With imagination of the birth and depth
Remains a memory of himself
The Sun
A Surrealist

Sticking everything to his eyes
Describing and creating everything to is own advantage
Attributing one’s own quality to all in himself
Though thought, understood, not knowing
Through the corners of the retina
Slips darkness
A Mystic

A calmness and Peace
Amidst a million dissatisfactions
Losing one’s own existence and searching for it
Many shapes in one body
Many sentences
Blocked in one
Experiences, understanding and expression
Alzaimers in me
A Myth

Rolling and turning around the worlds
Touching around aeons
Earth, ocean and jumping over cosmos
Though many sciences have been studied
Many doors of knowledge of knowledge been opened
Experience still remains
An Enigma

All along the journey of hopes and disappointment
With meaningless movement
With nothing remaining, uselessness melts
A Vagabond.

Harikrishna Mamidi is a poet with deep thinking and turbulent imagination. This poem goes around many an ‘ism’. He makes us look into his ideas again and again.

…. No where

Like jasmines they can’t blossom
Like doves, can’t nest worriless
Like roots can’t grow up being expanded
Like crops, in the heart produce green
Like pathways can’t teach walking

Who are these accursed

Like rooms not knowing addresses cannot save the steps
Like graves cannot satisfy dance
Like church bells cannot bless with promise of second coming
Like the dargas of madigasn with prayers can’t not bring promises

Who are these sufferers of silently cursed
Who are these entirely the entirely sinful

Like waves they can’t rise after fall
Like wind cannot make noises

Like shores, even knowing can’t stay like unknowing
Like hills cannot stand erect like hills
Like valleys silently complain
Like streamlets flow downward

Who is these grieving in the dark
Who are these dice who never win the gamble

Like doves they can’t perch on tree-branches in midnight
Like little kids in midnight turn aside to turn off fear

Like cotton- nut- ends can’t break in the nigh
Like the wayward cranes can’t fly at dawn

In the meandering ways of the untouchable living areas
Can’t see, move unseen ….. can’t …. die

Who are these ripples of the mirage
Who are indices in the foot-notes

Chintala Anantu is a poet of eminence given deep adoration. Namadi Sreedhar, a poetry critic of high standing wrote in an introduction to Anantu’s book of poems; “Among Telugu poets except Sri Sri, Sivasagar, Ismail, Namadi and M S Naidu, there is none who could light up their heart and blood.) I add Anantu too to Sreedhar’s the short-list.


For being born as a female
Tears of the parents
Did not allow me slumber.

For being a girl-child
Household chores- studies
Did not allow me slumber.

When got ‘maturity’
Sidelong glances of the grown-up males
Did not allow me slumber.

After becoming a married woman
The hubby
Did not allow me slumber.

When I became a mother
The kids
Did not allow me slumber.

For long
The desire unfulfilled
Forgetting all
I enjoy
S l u m b e r!

They lost their entity

Gas stove came up
The wood-dust cooking device
Lost its entity

Wet-grinder came up
Hand-worked stones ones lost their entity

When non-sticking pans came up
Frying pan
Lost its entity

When ‘uncle-aunty’ cane up
Call words ‘maama and atta
Lost their entity

With ‘mummy-daddy’
‘Mother and Father’
Lost their entity

Dr Ketavarapu Rajyasri retired as Dy. Secretary in Andhra Pradesh govt. She is a social worker, TV and Radio artist doing commendable work as a translator of spiritual books into Telugu from Hindi and Tamil too. She has won many awards like Bharata Bhushana Bhooshan..Dr. Akkineni Nageswara Rao Sahitya Award is one among many others. 

Women and Men

A padlock
Being opened by many a key
Is bad

If one key
Is opening many padlocks
The padlock is bad

In this society
Woman is a padlock
When it is opened by many keys
It is bad

In this society
Woman is the padlock
And man is the key 


All humanity
A tree bears it

All nature
Bears flowers

The entire future
Is the seed

The entire male human world
It is the woman bearing men and women

Brevity is the soul of w it, goes the popular dictum. Some has the knack of using this as their watchword.

Dr Ravi Ranga Rao (b.1952) started his professional career as a lecturer and elevation as a Principal in Andhra Jateeya Kalasala, in Machilipatnam. He wrote several books and contributed to children’s literature also. He founded Ravi Ranga Rao Sahitya Peetham. He is a researcher and several research scholars obtained their M. Phil and Ph. D degree working under his guidance. He won Central and State Govt. awards. He has a blog:

For Love

For fifty years, living
Cutting off his heart
And keeping it aside

‘How?’ I asked …

The same
She too has been living
For sixty years, cutting off her heart
For love
For prestige

Far away
Saying this … I remember
He is not Muslim
She is not a Brahmin
Like waves of the sea,
And their children
Like pieces of early clouds
For those others liked
For those coming near

N.K. Sugam Babu, a retired senior journalist is a winner of A.P. Gov award for titles like Athaminchani sooryudu for a documentary film based on the life and work of Mahakavi Gurazada in 1985. He is the creator of ‘Rekkalu” a modern poetic form in Telugu literature.

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More by :  Dr. Rama Rao Vadapalli V.B.

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