In Praise of Srihari

A rendering of verses from Bammera Pothana's Sri Mambhagavatham in Telugu

O, Kaurava Lord. Parikshit Maharaj:

Ears, which do not listen to Sri Narayan's praise, are mere tunnels in a mount. Tongues, which do not sing poems in His praise, are mere frogs. Eyes, which do not see the Lord of Lakshmi are 'eyes' in a peacock's feather. Hands, which do not worship the lotus–eyed Supreme Lord, are hands of a stupid cadaver, a zombie. Nose, with no flair for the fragrance of the Basil leaves at His feet, is a pig's nose. Feet that do not have the rhythm of his praise are just roots of the earthbound trees! – Skandha II, 50

Veritable stones are those whose manas does not lean towards His name. It is lump of a body, which doesn't get goose bumps when listening to His tales. A golden crown on a head, which does not bow to Him, is a heavy bundle of faggots. Wealth that is not used for an offering to Him is the glory of moonlight in wilderness. One, who does not revere Him, is just a corpse swaying in the wind. The life of one who does not worship His feet is that of an insect in a casket of gold. – Skandha II, 51

Only those hands, which worship the lotus–eyed, are hands. Only that tongue that extols the Lord of Lakshmi is a tongue. Only those glances that glance at the saviour of deities are glances. Only that head that bows to the one couched on Sesha is a head. Only those ears that listen to Vishnu's tales are ears. Only the manas that centres on the demon Madhu's enemy is manas. Only the buddhi that is concentrated on Purushottama is buddhi. Only the day in which one contemplates on the Lord is a day. Only the learning that brings out the glory of the divine is learning. Only the guru, who is an exegete of the Lord who bore the Earth, is a guru. Only that father, who teaches a son to reach Sri Hari, is a father. – Skandha VII, 169

Is the body, which does not come handy to serve the lotus–eyed Hari a body, other than an air–filled skin–bag? Is the voice, which does not extol the Lord of Vykuntha, a voice–other than a dhamdham sounding drum? Is the hand that does not worship Hari a hand – other than a mere wooden ladle? Are those eyes, which do not see Kamalesh’ eyes – other than holes built into the citadel of the body? Is the birth that does not think of the Wielder of the Wheel a birth other than a bubble in transparent water? Is a man without devotion to the Lord a wise man – other than a two–legged beast? Skandha VII 170


More by :  Dr. Rama Rao Vadapalli V.B.

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