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Poets from the new state Telangana now a part of the earlier AP is rich in poetic imagination and expression. The festival in the year 2017 World Telugu Conference as shown in Vivid and Vibrant -12 brought more poets who are expressing the dialectal variants, the way speech is as expressive as the Telugu in Andhra Pradesh.

Dr. Bellamkonda Sampath Kumar

Moonlight Temple

It is not a loner
Like the cloud without water

Fierce call for a battle
This is the root of trillions of minds
The depth of an inner conflict
The world is causing in all

The sound of the bird’s eyelid movement
In creation’s innards
This shows affections, talks and struggles

Like a baby
Coming down warm in the mother’s lap
Becoming a book
Slides into the delicacy of her hands

The mom drives away discomfort

Mother softly, sweetly
Pressing her manas*
Kisses and gives the future

Becomes fatherly
Standing high like a ladder
Lifts up to the very sky

Stronger and powerful
Mo than a weapon
It is a sword of alphabet

Bubbling boiling milk

The sweetness of manas*. a land of black-cotton soil
Thrill of a soft breeze, the dan of henna in the palms
The temple of moonlight
This world’s science of splendid beauty.

Note: *manas is mind, heart and feeling, all in one.

Emerald Festoon

At the threshold of hopes
Dreams of flowers

The warm breathing of
The green roots
The touch of a leaf in birth

All the land
Is the fragrance of being human.
It is full spread braiding.

All over the branches sweet perfume
The singing of so many voices
Becoming the music of koils
Painted the dawns.

Lineage of battle proud heroes
Sweet smell of the festival of victory
The mirror of wet
Which removes worries.

From the boulders of the desert in fierce summer
Now is a moonlit stone
In becoming the full moon

These are seeds of our backyard’s
Becoming the festoon of our awakeners
Welcoming us
To scale the peaks of newer heights.

(This poem was sung before the audience in World Telugu Conference, 2017)

Dr Bellamkonda Sampat Kumar has a Ph. D in Telugu. He is working in a Z,P School in Bontapalli in Medak District.

Harikrishna Nakka sings songs glorifying liberty, equality and fraternity the three aspects of freedom all around.

Sprig at the doorstep

How long would you live in that same cast?
Come out!
Now let us be a little more wide
With hellos, handshakes or embraces
Let us allow our hearts to talk and converse!

Looking around all directions for rain it never does
Don’t stamp that mind of yours
Look around removing the curtains on your eyes
Thoughts become stagnant
For us
There awaits humanism
To walk two feet are enough
But, for the path to stay!?
We must pull down the buildings of lies and untruth
In the body’s pouch
We have to cultivate and grow
Feelings of equality and unity

Breaking shackles of narrowness
Let us turn and go around, progress
With your hands extended
Fingers holding a pen.

Confidence in Values

With frozen fingers under pendal
With breathing getting far
On the tongues burnt
‘Humaneness’ left Man

Climbing life’s end on rafters above
Like bats…
At the ends of blades of grass
The tears flowed down
Filling the lap with sweat
With the winds of politicians are mixed in muds
Painted faces
Have put on wings of vultures
For fear of the angry demons
The suns of the soil are caught in a trap
Under cave of the earth’s bottom

From the gaps of fingers
Poison oozed into the conscience…
Nature with thirst …
The greenery suffered the disappearance of crop and milk
People are ready to end up on the bier

Between the hunger’s dreams
For the child born of that cradle
Is swinging on the roadside.

Between the clouds of dust
The grapes gone dry in the cup of palms
Counting the dreams in the eyes
The buds that opened up
In the circle of the populace
Are the puppets hanging
From the stony minded figures.

The theory of extension
Keeping future in bloody pathways
Promises are sold to free, full, limitless freedom
The eyes of wisdom are wounded

Come …!
Breaking the narrow-minded shackles
Let us go about, progress
With your hands
Or, your pen!

Harikrishna Nakka has been writing poetry for last decade and a half. He is critic and commentator on poetry written in Telugu. His literary essays are in the press for the book

Poets with strong beliefs and convictions come out with furious outbursts. The following two poems are from a distinctive academic Vice-chancellor, Prof S V Satyanarayana,


Their fingers
The music of strings on the sitaraa
Hands beautiful drum dances
Thoughts the drumbeats of grandeur on the stage
The wounded peacock’s eye
Raining the delectable singing of Gandharvas**
Minds with loving soul-felt touch
Are forms of body-eyes
Footprints explaining the aeons of Time
Declaring the arithmetic and logic of movement
Becoming the life breath of dusk that sets in
Little fragments set in the little grains of sand in fallen mud
Waves that never blossom or flower
Would be the Creators, making them speak the world of Nature
Viewing the visions in the heart
They are wealthy intellectuals, with romantic deams
Become Ravindra Bharaties*
Their movements become the four-road junctions.,
Words rain honey, temples of arts, rivers like the Manjeera
Become the supporting wing, a walking stick
Their loneliness all the while grieving is endless
The arrow which curses destiny
Whoever said they don’t have sight
For the body whole is eyes.
If you say they have no experience,
Before their feeling and sensitivity
It is a curse destroying.

*Ravindra Bharati is the distinctive palatial building, a cultural centre, in the heart of Hyderabad,
** Celestials

Bridge and Causeway

Poetry is as extensive as life
Life beautiful as poesy

Experience sweet poetry
Poetry is truthful as joy of experience

Feeling and experience the bold stream of poesy
All a tireless causeway

Our poetry should fly high
In the hands of the hard-working

Transforming music in hearts
It must reverberate

Must resound becoming hero’s roars
Spark brilliantly like fire in the alphabet

Should stand as news headlines
Suffering is our poesy
Our language is poetry
Suffering pain and revolt
For fierce anger
Alphabet is our poesy the weapon deadly
For movement and shocking sociologically
The poet’s compass of directions is our poesy
The heart’s song is our poetry.
A student of Osmania University, SVS has earnt his PG degree and later a Ph. D in Telugu Literature. Very fast, he acquired several distinctions and grew up first to the position of the Head of the Dept and shortly later to the position of Vice Chancellor of Potti Sreeramulu Telugu University.


More by :  Dr. Rama Rao Vadapalli V.B.

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