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Bhatrihari Wisdom - 3: Daiva paddhati

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Trees bearing fruit bend down. Clouds bearing rain would bring the water below. Good people are not proud of their riches.The behaviour of the good is to be helpful. Helpfulness and being unassuming are the natural qualities of the noble people.(61)

The people who are good are charitable. Listening to the shastras, and to the learned ones, need no ornaments, no need for golden ear studs, to such. Ornaments to their wrists are their charity for the poor and needy. (62)

Without our prayers, the sun makes the lotuses bloom.The moon with our request makes flowers bloom.Without being prayed for, the clouds rain giving us water. Good people always wish to help and do good. (63)

Those who attend to the work of others to help them without working for themselves. They are, satpurushas. Some, help others without disturbing themselves.They are of the middle order. Those who destroy others for their own good are devils among the three types of men. One cannot even find a name for them (64)

The qualities of a good friend, sanmitra, are these: those who prevent people trying to do harm, encouraging them to do good, and keep secrets safe. They do not desert their friends when they are in trouble, or in the needy times. (65)

Milk gives water all its good qualities. Seeing harm for water it jumps into fire. Seeing water falling into flames, milk too fall into water to help it. (66)

The ocean has ways which surprise us.On one side giving a bed for Sri Mahavishnu to lie down safe from foes like kaalakeya and other demons. On one side the ocean carries mountains like Mainak to save others like Indra. On another side it contains the fierce fire, badabaalana sucking in all her the same way very pristine ones would be giving great protection for many. (67)

The birth of aadi korma, the primordial tortoise which has borne the weight of all the worlds and Dhruva, who makes the cycle of radiance from the great mountain Meru are the only two to be counted.All others are not capable of giving help or aid to any. Koorma is on the base and Dhruva n the high side. All others are born and dead like worms in the fruit called atti.

The botanical name of the fruit is fiscus glomerate. (68)

The exemplary men, sat purushas, have these characteristic qualities shedding excessive greed, having patience and self-control, giving up doing anything bad, speaking truth always, going on the path shone by the great ones, serving the pundits, learned men behaving in any which besmears reputation and compassion for those in grief. (69)

There are only a few people full of the nectar of doing great deeds in mans, vaak and karma, thought, speech and action. These have hearts ever blossoming. (70)

Angels and deities while churning the ocean did not get satisfied with the pearls, diamonds and other precious stones not being scared by the poison of the utmost potency went on churning till they got Amrut, ambrosia.The brave ones courageously go on working till they succeed.They do not budge for impediments. (71)                                                                                        

The mean ones are afraid of beginning any work because of impediments.They don’t brave to work.The middle level ones leave efforts midway.But the brave and courageous ones would never give up their effort till they succeed. (72)

The one who wants success would sleep on the floor, in some places on a mattress – eats only vegetables in some places and delicious food in some other places.In some places they wear a hard cloth, and in some places, expensive silk clothing.They don’t feel sad in difficulties – or feel very joyful when comforts come their way. (73)

Moralists, those who have morals and follow them, when praised or abused, when wealth comes or goes, even though death comes just in a moment, or when it comes at the end of time, do not put a step away from truth and justice. (74)

The one whose eyes are not attracted by the side-long glances of sexy women, whose heart is never burnt with fire of anger, those whose minds are not bound in extreme greed, are heroes who win all the three worlds. (75)

For the brave one whatever grief comes can drive away his mind from bravery.A flame always goes up only, never travel downwards. (76)

Sometimes falling down from a peak on a hard stone may appear better.Sometimes putting fingers amidst the jaws of fierce snakes like Adisesha, the primal serpent, or falling into fire may appear good or better.But it is not good or desirable to shed good character. (77)

or the one who has good feelings, fire appears cool like water, the mountain looks as a small boulder, a lion like a deer, a snake like a garland, and poison line nectar. (78)

A good man like a tree felled would grow and rise up.The moon which waxes would wane again but never feels grievous.That is their greatness. (79)

Being gentle and helpful when being in wealth, speaking softly, being brave, being sparing in matters of sex, being humble though highly educated doing using kind deeds, having riches, being charitable without limit or excuse - are like embellishments for men.For that reason, such are more decorated than those unfriendly or bad. (80)

These are the descriptions of the Dhairya Paddhati in Neethi Shataka.Then comes Daiva Paddhati, godly way since the eighth ten.

Bhatrihari being a preceptor, guru, angels with diamond weapons and golden fortress Sri Mahavishnu’s blessing, having Irvavatha, the elephant of Indra, with wondrous powers with him, Indra was defeated by enemies in a battle.This shows that god’s strength is the most important, not valour or power. (81)

One night for food a rat made a hole in a basket.There was a serpent in it. Being unable to escape, the rat was killed and eaten by the serpent. Later it escaped through the hole made by the rat.Only god is the reason for growth or decay.For that reason, be calm and sedate. (82)

The good ones, sajjan, though fallen once, would rise from the low condition to the high.A ball of clay on the ground would stay only there.A bad person would be in destitution always. (83)

A bald-headed man on a hot day, to protect himself from heat, sat under a palm tree.As per divine order a fruit of the palm fell on his pate and broke it into pieces. For the one who has no blessing of god only troubles and disasters come. (84)

I feel, when I see the trio of an elephant, serpent and a bird in a fetter by the curse of the sun and moon even the wise would be in abject poverty.This is because of god’s influence. (85)

God though making a man virtuous in all ways and an embellishment on the earth makes him die and perish.For this power of good there is no logic or knowledge. (86)

The moon which appears to us is the abode of ambrosia and the king who has behind him of   hundred apothecaries. Lord Shiva wears him on His crown. Even then Chandra suffers from Kshaya, a disease which we now call tuberculosis. (87)

This cruel and sinful deity like an ironsmith is making my mind, manas, beating it cruelly with wheels of disaster. This deity is senseless!(88)

You are trying to bring disaster to great and noble men and doing things to drive away their courage but that is not possible.Mountains of great birth are not mean to cross their limits, the seven oceans! (89)

When god decides as to how much to one should reach the person, there is no need to cringe for that. When it rains all over from the sky only a few drops would reach the bleaks of the bird chataka which is supposed to subsist on rain drops. (90)

This is the end of the ninth ten of Daiva paddhati, God’s Method, described in Neeti Shataka.

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