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Bhatrihari Wisdom - 4: Karma Paddhati

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After talking about daiva paddhati the great poet-philosopher, analyst of absolute actuality, Bhartrihari’s declares that even God is dependent on Karma, my salutations to deities. Even they are subservient to Karma. So, I salute to deities. God gives result according to Karma only. Since the fruit, the result depends on Karma, what have we to do the deities? We offer salutations only to Karma (91).

When Brahma has been appointed to live amidst Brahmanda, when Vishnu has been driven to take the tenth incarnation, when Rudra is made totake a skull as a bowl and wander as a mendicant, what makes them do so. The Sun wanders always in the sky. To that powerful, ordering Karma my salutations. (92)

Oh! The skilled one! If you desire to have your desires fulfilled, you worship sat karma who can make the evil men good, the stupid ones learned, and all his enemies friends, what is invisible visible and make poison nectar. For that reason, I worship sat karma (93).

If there is sat karma, big buildings, luxurious youthful women, the only one ruling kingdom can be obtained. If Sat Karma goes away. buildings and other treasuries will spill down like a string of pearls on the woman’s neck in the intercourse, sex act. (94)

The one who is a scholar, pandit, must think deeply before doing anything. If it is not so, if actions are done in haste, the effects / results) would bother him like thorns all along in his life (95).

Bharata Khanda Bharat, is karma bhoomi. After being born one who does not do tapas (deep concentration on the Almighty, and keeps austerity ) becomes hateful like a cook cooking in a pot made of the most precious diamonds, on fire burning sandal wood. He is like one who ploughs land for worthless cotton with a plough. This means that one who desires welfare should follow and practice sat karmas (96).

For a man neither form, appearance, caste or qualities, education or service with a desire would yield fruits. It is only according to the good deeds done in the past that would favour him and give him fruit. For that reason, one has to do tapas and penance (97).

Neither for business, cultivation of land, serving the wealthy or education, would give any fruit without good fortune. When there is this fortune anything is possible. All   It is not like sinking in water and things like that (98).

For man there is only thing that saves him, protects him amidst a forest, battle field, enemies, the water or fire, hill top, and danger from such things. It is only the fruit of good deeds done in the past that would do him good. (99).

For the one who has earnt some merit, punya, even a dangerous forest would become a good dwelling. All enemies would become friends and the earth would be full of diamond mines and precious objects (100).

Shrungara Sathaka (Introduction)

Though the great poet god lover wrote Neethi Shataka first, later he takes up the amorous, erotic feeling in shrungara shataka and after that Vyragya Shataka For shringara the deity is Manmadha the one with a flower bow.

Salutations to the flower bowed Manmadha who influences even the three in the trinity Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. Shiva had His consort Parvati, Vishnu, His Lakshmi and Brahma His Saraswati. Shiva has His consort as half body, Vishnu His consort Lakshmi in his bosom and Brahma His consort Saraswati in His Vaak, speech. (1)

Praise of Stree,

The fair sex, women, with their smiles, pity and speech, win the male. Shame, fear and jealousy and Vyabhicharee, roaming feelings with their captivating deeds bind men in Samsara, family life (2).

Bending their eye brows with tact making the eyes small looking sideways with sweet words, with smiles bashful are all the ornaments for women naturally. These are the weapons they have to entice man. (3).

Bashful young women making their appearance before men, pretending to be shocked, sometimes throwing glances like black lotuses entire young men (4).

Face resembling the moon, with eyes which ridicule even lotuses, with golden bodily glamour, breasts like elephant’s heads, and buttocks are the adornments with which women get along. (5)

With smiles on the face, looking around to attract attention, speaking bashfully, walking enticingly in their youthfulness women would be extremely fascinating. (6).

For various questions their answers would be fascinating. The youthful woman’s face and the captivating fragrance of saffron would be their treasures. For men’s ears their speech would be like the speech of parrots. The most desirable touch is the touch of a young women’s body: The sweetest experience is sex play. (7)

The musical notes which the ornaments of a woman produce are from her bracelets on the wrists, the ornaments round their waist, the melody of their anklets and their side long glances. All these would make it easy for a woman fascinate man and win them over (8).

Anointing the body with a fragrant substance, with pearl chains hanging on the golden breasts, the anklets on the feet making musical sounds, women win the hearts of man. With all these beauties they win all. (9)

Looking at these young damsels, poets who say that women are weak, with new strength speak that the young women are capable of killing demons and conquering even deities like Indra. How can anyone say they are abalas, women, have no strength? Only poets are weak, not the fascinating fair sex. (10)

A young man is a slave of a lass who fascinates him. He surrenders when her glow captivates him and manmadha the love god inspires them (11).

Oh! maidens, your long hair follows certain rules. They move making the music of Upanishads. Their pacing displays the qualities of brahmins. Their breasts are abodes of the Jeevanmukti. freedom with their bhakti and love. Men are attracted and roused for copulation of the highest order. That your rouse such a feeling is not a matter to wonder at. (12)

Oh! Sweet lass! There is the quality of an archer in you . With your qualities you have the precision of the naari, a bow string. You attract attention and love with your glances (13).

In the day to give radiance the sun, in the night the moon and stars, fire and lamp with eyes resembling the eyes of a deer and wihout you all is darkness. It is the lass that gives light for my eyes. So says the lover with passion, Kaamuka, the lover to his beloved lass (14).

Oh! Fascinating maiden, all your beauties in all your organs make me crave for sex play with you. Have mercy and bless me with blissful coition. (15).

This lass appears to be fully embellished with diamonds and precious stones, face with moonlight of the diamonds, the blue-stoned hair, hands like red graceful emeralds (16).

The maiden looks like a group of the planets, guru, Chandra and shan,i with beauty and breasts heavy, all giving rich pleasures of good fortune. This is a metaphor (17).

Oh! Manas! Why do you get confused and puzzled! To achieve your goals having copulation with such a beautiful young woman you made tapas, and given plentiful of charity and performed Yaagas (fire rituals) like jyotirstoma Yaaga in your previous birth. Only such would give you the possession and blessing of fabulous beauties like Rambha. (18)

Young lasses with eyes like those of deer, radiating with glow of acts relating to shringara -skill and expertise in copulation in the early stages, new and more new feelings of sex glitter in ways most surprising (19).

Eyes like those of radiant deer, words mesmerising, expressing deep affection and love, all the feelings of Sringara rasa speaking skilfully, by nature. loving and attractive, with Manmadha Vikaaras, love god’s various acts are stealing and carrying away all wealth of glee and enthusiasm. (20).

This is the substance of the twenty slokas in Stree Prashansa in Sringaara Shataka, Sambhoga shringara, follows.
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