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Bhatrihari Wisdom - 6: Kaaminee Garhanam

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Second Twenty Slokas: Censuring Sensuous Women

In this world even the scholarly one has been desiring and going behind any woman and getting joy. He is going on praising the skin and bone doll. Oh! This can be said as the way of moha, excessive desire. (41)

Just by mere thinking sexual desire is being roused. By mere looking at a woman one is maddened. By just a touch a woman makes this male extremely desirous how can one call any woman a darling? (42) 

By a mere glance a woman rouses passion. Sometimes even without a glance she rouses and becomes poison It is very difficult to stand separation with the woman. (43)

The attractive buttocks can be either nectar or poison. The beloved woman is a creeper of nectar. The one not in love is poisonous. The pot implies that a woman who has no love and affection would kill like a poisonous creeper. (44)

It is not known as to which magician has made the basically suspicious woman who has courage for sudden action, the store house of sins, many a deceit and the birth place of mis- belief and a block for the way to heaven. A woman is the house of hell’s capital. She is a rope by which a man can hang himself. She appears to be a machine to kill. (45)

To be truthful a woman’s face is not like the moon. She has the eyes of a beast. The eyes are not like a pair of lotuses. He body is not made of gold. But poets say that women have the face of a moon and she made of gold. Even a wise man is deceived when he craves for the body of a woman with kin and flesh. (46)

Though the redness of the lotuses is natural, the bees go around them. The ways of the eyes of prostitutes are natural. Stupid men fall in love with them. It is useless and dangerous to have such feelings. (47)

Though the face of the young is beautiful like the full moon though her lips sparkle promising bliss, after the glow of youth fades, she would yield the poison of grief. (48)

With all her bodily grace and attraction, her mind is treacherous, hard and cruel. Crocodiles are such killers. Taken to family, samsara, one would drown in the deep sea. Those who want to be safe, should keep aloof and far away from the sea. (49)

Women would be speaking sweetly and appear fascinating, but they would be looking at many all the time. There is none whom she loves. The poet means that women would be casting nets for many. (50)

Oh! Friend, to go to a woman who throw glances. They are poisonous fires. The woman who throws glances has a hood like a serpent. These are not noticed first.  When bitten by a serpent like her, there would be none who knows mantra – a silent, secret incantation of a cure. (There are those who can save from a snake bite. (51)

There is Manmadha, a fisherman who casts a net to draw you into the ocean of samsara. At the lips of that net there is a bait. If with desire you get caught in the net, the fisherman would burn (cook) you in that fire. So, do not get caught in that net. (52)

Oh! The traveller manas, (Heart, mind and soul) to enter the body surrounded by heights of titillating breasts, don’t wander. There is thief called marudu, the love god would take you away dragging. (53)

There may be no harm in a serpent but there I certainly a deadly danger in the glances of the deadly serpent, the fascinating woman. (54)

Merely imagining the song with that woman, there is sweetness in her lips and tongue, and fragrance in her mouth, and the touch of her firm nipples sent up my mind to heavens. It has driven me away from para tatwa, ultimate philosophy. I gave away all my senses and became a slave of that woman. The result, I got totally spoilt, destroyed by women folk. (55)

This desire – love of copulation – is a disease like epilepsy which cannot be cured by mantras. There is no treatment for this palsy – of limbs, fingers, toes hands and feet. What to do now?! (56)

Prostitutes for a thirst for money would allow anybody, one born blinds, an extremely proud and cruel man, a leper with no fingers and toes or totally effected. Which sensible man would love such a woman? None who knows the behaviour of a prostitute would even look at a prostitute. (57)

A prostitute is in the rising flame of the love god’s rousing passion. With sexual desire the roused man is thrown into the flames of that fire. (58)

Who would seek the service of the secret service agents except slaves, thieves and deceptive ones and the sexually aroused men? These crave for the lips of damsels totally vitiated by the lowest class people. (59)

For the prostitutes there would be honey on the lips craved by the sexually haughty men. They suck the lips and knead the breasts with their fists of those ‘paid women.” The poet tells us that such acts of the wretched men are in their nature. (60)

These are the third twenty slokas of kaaminee garhanam.

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