My Sonny Boy

  My idyllic world
Of serenity and calm,
Was destroyed by a gale
That surely meant no harm.

Our little ‘bundle of joy’
Our son entered our lives,
And since then peace and quiet
Have forsaken my husband and me, his wife.

When the first time ‘sonny’ boy expressed
Through his vocal chords his ire
The neighbors rushed in thinking
Our house was on fire.

As a toddler I thought
He would be the perfect boy
Flashing a dimpled smile and
And sharing his favorite toy.

The dimpled smile was there
But behind it a devilish mind
Planning an assault each moment
On sensibilities of every kind.

Daily he would return from school
With lost buttons, torn shirt and bruises
I would wonder he was pursuing academics
Or going on pirate cruises.

With him around, our house
Looks like a quake hit museum,
Without him our home
Is a gloomy mausoleum.

Like a naughty wave returning to sea
When he rushes into my arms,
I feel fulfilled like a soul
Which is tranquil and calm.

At night when he sleeps
With his head on my lap,
He looks like an angel
Taking a soft and sweet nap.

Whenever I look at my son
I thank the Lord Almighty,
For bringing into my life
His Haiku version, so naughty.

Without him my life would be
Quiet, placid and squeaky clean,
Alas, it would have no substance
Only gloss and silky sheen.

If ever I have loved anyone
With such pure, unadulterated joy,
It is no one else but my super dynamo
My wild and effervescent ‘sonny’ boy. 


More by :  Ramendra Kumar

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