My Inspiration

  Lonely and sad
I was walking on the beach,
Happiness and peace 
Seemed so much out of reach.

Regret of the past
Anxiety about the future,
Caught between the two
Living was a torture.

I had wealth, I had power
I had prestige as well as fame,
Yet I seemed to be a loser
In life’s complex game.

I had always fought for more
And never settled for less,
But now when I had it all
I was still in a mess.

What was my blunder,
Where had I gone wrong?
This is all I kept thinking 
As I dragged my feet along.

Just then I saw a sight
Which was so rare,
I stopped in my tracks
And continued to stare.

It was a vision in brown
Bathed in sea water and sunlight,
She seem to me the epitome
Of all that was happy and bright.

While frolicking in the glory
Of the Sun, Sand and Sea
She showed me what was wrong
With my life and with me.

She was living life
In the present moment, 
And the past and the future?
She knew what they meant.

Yesterday was over
And tomorrow yet to come,
Today was the reality
One had to face with aplomb.

Happiness was not a chance
But a matter of choice
From deep within me
I heard my soul’s voice.

Bidding a silent good-bye
To my lovely inspiration,
I took a solemn vow
To make each moment a Celebration.


More by :  Ramendra Kumar

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