More they Change,

Things Remain the Same

A tragic, horrifying and shocking incident occurred  in our building last night ; though our flat is located  in the same campus with other 27 flats, we learnt of it  this forenoon only when I saw unusual movements of police officers in the premises.  Dr. Babita Kaura of flat no. 121C had jumped to death at midnight after, presumably, quarrels with her husband. The husband is a successful and prosperous medical practitioner and runs a prestigious heart Institute in a prominent location in the city. Dr. Babita was an assistant professor in PGI; a bright and promising career was ahead. She had recently undergone training in molecular typing from AIIMS, Delhi, and New York University and was on way to setting up an advanced facility at the PGI department of immunopathology required for the patients of bone marrow transplant.  
The couple has a smart young son (12) and a sweet daughter (5).  They had moved to the present flat less than a year ago; prior to that elaborate interior alterations and decoration at considerable cost was done. Their family background too is equally illustrious.
To sum up, they had everything that persons in the present times aspire for and which evokes envy and respect of ambitious and successful persons. 
Another aspect to the tragedy is that life in the campus is calm; no body except the family members skipped their daily schedule. A comment on the manner of suicide came in the form of advice to the deceased; she could have committed suicide by resorting to some other less traumatic means. By this way much embarrassment would have been spared.                       
Dr. Babita was a fully empowered woman as we understand it. Still her response to marital discord was no different from the less equipped and unfortunate women. One is reminded of “More they change, things remain the same.”
Was Dr. Babita a victim of good luck? Good luck sometimes may make you unmindful of the ironies, discrepancies, and uncertainties of life. You get defenseless and are not at all equipped for rainy days.
Are we getting insensitive and insulated? Are we really getting more civilized and happy now that we have more smooth and assured access to resources?

The tragedy occurred in 2005


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Comment It's kind of a tragic incident that has started appearing more frequently in today's Indian society. Hoped for the sanity to prevail whenever marital discord surface. Perhaps self ego doesn't allow a scope for compromise in today's times. Such incidents make us feel pity and rescind. Actually, we are becoming more self centric, intolerant, insensitive, unkind, uncaring, unwise, non-pragmatic, reckless and indecent .In nutshell, we are yet to be civilised.

Shwet B Jha
07-Jan-2011 11:42 AM

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