Can Signatures Affect your Destiny?

Waqt ki har shay gulaam, Time rules every person. 

Man has always been a slave of time, but the nature has also given man an opportunity to make (60% of) his destiny.

How many times does an ordinary man write his signature in his complete life?

And how many times does he write his certificate name spelling?

I do not want to keep asking questions from my respected readers but just want to show them the importance of our signatures. We use our signature infinite times whereas the certificate name is used only 1000 or 2000 times in our whole life.

By now, I expect that the readers must have understood that Numerology is based on vibrations and phonetics. Every time we write something or spell it a vibration is created. This vibration has a certain impact on our life. So, it is clearly understood that our signature also plays a significant role in shaping our destiny.

Recently I corrected the name of Kumar Gaurav (the actor in bollywood), and have corrected it to Kumarr Gawrav, which will be shown in his next Hollywood venture. He has struggled a lot after his big hit in bollywood.

Do you know the cause of his failure? The cause has been his name spelling and above all his signature. The way he signed was wrong. His underlining was in the wrong direction. Even though he is blessed with a lucky date of birth, he suffered because of his incorrect name spelling and his wrong signature.

While guiding him I had to make sure that his new name spelling is not only perfectly compatible with his date of birth but also his signature was made perfect, so that the hurdles in his path of success could be removed.

In numerology we take into consideration not only the spelling that is written in the signature but also the way of writing (which is indeed a part of graphology).

Few weeks ago, a lady – Sarita Jain – approached me to get her name corrected. After analyzing her name numerologically I corrected her spelling and told her to sign as – Sariita Jain – and not as S. Jain or Sariita. I also check the way one signs, i.e. the slant of the letters, their pressure, size, breadth, height and spacing between the letters along with a myriad of other signs.

One very significant part of the signature is – the underline. How do you mark a sentence as important? : Simply by underlining it. This means that the underline has a great significance, when placed below a sentence it creates an importance. Then will it not affect your signature?

Actually, underlining is very significant in a signature and due precaution must be taken while underlining because a perfect underline might make you a millionaire but a wrong movement of the underline may ruin you. As I have already mentioned about the mishap in case of Kumarr Gawrav. But this does not mean one must not underline. What is important is a proper guidance and consultancy from a Numerologist.

Another big mistake takes place when dots are placed below the signature. Proper placement can make you whereas wrong placement might make you indecisive and aimless.

The starting and ending stroke of the signature is also of great importance. Proper care is to be taken in this regard also.

When people ask me: Can I carve (make) my destiny? My answer to them is: You are already carving your destiny, whenever you use your name spelling or make a signature. The risk involved is that one wrong stroke of your chisel might ruin your creation. So, please consult a specialist before you take any significant move. Because, as I always say- everyone knows to walk I just guide him where to move. And I think that is what each and everyone wants. 


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Comment Dear Sir,

My name is DEEPAK MANGLA and date of birth 01/01/1991. please advise me for best signature in my name & make my signature lucky.Also give me suggestion on my signature style.

Thanks & regards

25-Feb-2016 00:02 AM

Comment Dear Sir,
I have a firm EINOS pharmaceuticals. i would like you to suggest me does it suit to my name and date of birth. my DOB 20/11/1984. Also would like to take suggestion on my signature style.

Thanks & regards
sanjay pandey

Sanjay Pandey
27-Aug-2015 09:27 AM

Comment dear sir plz make my lucky signature

Ranjeet singh
07-Aug-2015 03:06 AM

Comment canu please guide me with the correct signature to use

13-Feb-2015 03:43 AM

Comment please advise me for best signature in my name

10-Dec-2014 08:05 AM

Comment Dear Santosh,

You may consult me on

Dr. Aaadietya Pandey
16-Nov-2014 18:37 PM

Comment sir,can u plz giv me a short signature

santosh mallick
15-Nov-2014 17:00 PM

Comment Article Comment Dear sir,
please advise me for best signature in my name

Thejo kumar.P
09-Jul-2014 01:52 AM

Comment Dear Rohit,

First of all thanks for the comments. Secondly, i too agree with your belief about the sanskrit relevance in naming a child.

I practice Vedic Numerology as well and incorporate the same while assigning a name spelling to the native. In Sanskrit every Swara & Vyanjana has a numerical value which when applied can be extremely favorable.

with best wishes,

Dr. (Pt.) Aaadietya Pandey

Dr. Aaadietya Pandey
28-Feb-2013 17:41 PM

Comment I am intrigued by your article. I can see some sense in the whole deal about signatures primarily due to psychological aspects of those who see it and what they make of it, etc. However, I question the fundamentals of changing spellings of names that is so routinely advised these days. As this website is all about Indian culture, I'll comment from a Hindu perspective. In Hindu shastras, one is supposed to name their children after consulting the horoscope of the baby and the name is supposed to help the child in fulfilling his/her destiny. For example, Shri Rama was named as such as his horoscope showed that he is born to give pleasure to everyone (ramayanti iti ramah). His brother Bharat was named as such, as his destiny was to provide for his family and kingdom's needs (bharanam karoti iti bharatah). Taking this into consideration, and provided the child is named correctly following shastra guidelines, there seems little sense in changing one's name. Next point is that of vibration. Letters in Sanskrit language (the Varnamala to be more precise) is based on the concept of vibrations. Consonants are the body of the word and vowels are its prana. As opposed to this, English is a highly unscientific language. Its alphabets are arbitrary, and the language is not "alive" like Sanskrit. If this is the case, then changing the English spelling of someone's name really would have no impact on their destiny. Changing the name of someone called Gaurav to Gawrav would not change the way you pronounce the name in Sanskrit. What appears to be the case more like is that those who approach you with problems are distressed in life or are after something new and fashionable. You give them what they take as a solution to their problems. They implement your advice and boom, all of a sudden they are doing fine! This seems more of a self-fulfilling prophecy than a serious occult science to me. Its all about the placebo effect. On the last note, I wouldn't say you should stop doing what you do, neither do I have a right to say so. If it helps people feel better about themselves, then by all means help them in any way you can. But at least stop claiming this has scientific basis or spiritual significance. All this does is makes what are really scientifically sound and perfect occult disciplines such as Jyotish Shastra or Vastu Shastra seem silly. People are quick to become prejudiced and it doesn't help them or anyone else.

Rohit Kulkarni
04-Nov-2012 16:59 PM