Talent and Merit

"No one is considered scientifically literate today, if he is not acquainted with the Gaussian principle of distribution or the meaning and scope of entropy." - John A. Wheeler

We learn from the Gaussian principle of distribution that majority of persons in a naturally distributed population are average members of the community. The ratio of talented as well as handicapped is comparatively very very little. This illustrates that the environment favours the average as compared to either talented or handicapped. Talented persons of the community have to struggle against odds just like the handicapped ones. Therefore talented persons also need to remain alert like the handicapped ones for maintaining themselves. The danger of talented persons culminating as  average or handicapped ones is very real.  By acquiring additional props handicapped members of the community can be able to elevate themselves to the status of average persons or even higher levels.         

Talent is an manifestation of high level of energy. It has to be remembered that energy is invariably associated with entropy. It is apt to say that energy is the queen of the universe and entropy its shadow. Whereever the queen remains, its shadow accompanies her without exception.Talent manifests itself as merit when it gets into organized state.  Disorganization is a spontaneous property of matter as well as of mind. Because talented persons have high energy level so the tendency towards disorganization is also greater. Therefore such persons need to be more careful lest the shadow of the empress would go on lengthening and darkness would engulf.

Handicapped persons may attain the level of average or even meritorious by organizing  themselves. On the other hand talent may not flower into merit. The reality is that there is nothing more commonplace than disorgaised and wasted talent.

"Talent in itself is not merit. Rigorous toil, and unwavering focused attention also constitute a type of talent. There is no alternative to acquiring knowledge. To be able to  work hard is also a divine gift. It constitutes contempt of the divine compassion  not to utilize the talent. Those indulging in dallying, excuses and restlessness always waste the divine compassion. Talented persons never indulge in idleness; they keep themselves awake by constantly whipping themselves."  -  Nabneeta DevSen      


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Comment Thanks Dr.VK,
. It is gratifying to find resonating voices. Thank you for the response

13-Mar-2011 03:01 AM

Comment I have to agree whatever is said by the intellectuals here. I must need to add the comment that there is a question mark on talent that if it is helpful to the bearer or its surrounding. I mean to say that is talent is beneficial where it resides or to its subjects upon which its beholder works?
Great article by you sir, I must admit the rare thing inside you.

13-Mar-2011 01:27 AM

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